Tuesday, December 18, 2007


here is a transcript of eds latest letter to a fellow supporter. it looks like he will be on the move again soon...

12-12-07 dear lyndse rae: you are an absolute wonder with absolute resolve. my god! and thank god you are right on track with me and found me. please let everyone know that they are still preventing me from getting counsel. every time i am about to acquire some form of help the B.O.P. makes an adjustment with me and i am prevented. i now know that the orders for what happend to me comes from the judge and the U.S. attorneys office. it seems they fear the facts and the Truth. this puts me and elaine in a bind because the facts and truth is all we speak. i am still not allowed to use the telephone except for a $8, 15 minute collect call and i hesitate to do that, as badly as i need to. i am going to try the attorney in the next couple of days with some help. thank you and please tell elaine that i am alright and i'm not; you know. please stay with me. god bless, edward lewis: brown the reason you can't get the bible to me it seems, is because it must come from the publisher. what a racket tell everyone that i am being sent to fairton F.C.I. in fairton NJ po box 420 fairton nj 08320 #03923-049 i htink soon, but it could be a while. they may however send me through atlant first, we'll see. ps i believe we will be there through the holidays. they mean to keep me isolated. every dog has its day. they are trying to run out the clock on the time i can file. let's see if attorney dennehey counts. thanks, lyndse.


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