Monday, December 17, 2007

"old buck" is not under arrest!

i just got off the phone with old buck and he tells me he hasnt been arrested. he wasnt even aware that his myspace page had been hacked. it had been removed for the dozenth time for "terms of service violations" but after this last time the feds took it over just like ed and elaines. he said i was the one that informed him that it happened. he just gave up on myspace completely. he tells me the feds have been in touch with him and he did go to speak with them but he wouldnt so they took his prints (finger and palm) to compare against any possible evidence from "explosives" and such found at the house. he tells me he is not worried because he did nothing wrong except share a few meals with the browns over the course of 6 weeks. they did inform him however that they will charge him if they have even the slightest chance to. so for now he lays low but is not hiding per lawyers advice. i will keep in touch with buck and inform everyone when any updates happen.


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