Sunday, November 11, 2007

Voices From We The People

1668. David Cole


1667. Barbara Hulet

We have in this country political prisoners for simply redressing government to "show me the law "that requires citizens to pay an income tax. They have been tortured in our prisons with gas coming throught the vents, not to mention freezing them until they can't think straight. We have Ed and Elaine Brown, Irwin Schiff, Cindy Neun, Richard Simkanin, Al Thopson, Art Farnsworth and many more. Do the research now! What kind of tyranical government do the Peopl have? America's government is the People, for the People. The People are speaking our servant government better start listening. The IRS, Inc. was hired by the Federal Reserve as a debt collecting agency. Wake up America

1651. Brenda McCurdy

This is an abominable situation in a country which claims to be free!!!!

1644. mac wildstar

Denial of basic Constitutional rights, by a federal judge, is an act of treason by that judge.

1635. Robert Sutton

Tax on labor is SLAVERY. We the People are sovereigns, not the property of the Fed

1634. eric daniel belcher

brown's are a prime example of political prisoners wv

1633. Mary J. Simmons

Do the right thing in accordance with the "rule of law" and give the Browns a fair trial!!

1715. Alison Thomas

I think you know exactly what you are doing, so any comment isn't worth much except this--we will remember you and your actions in this matter. This isn't a threat, it is human nature.

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