Tuesday, November 06, 2007

James R. Jaeger II, Producer of "Fiat Empire", Our Special Guest on RBN Today

James R. Jaeger II, Producer of "Fiat Empire", was our special guest on RBN Today - click here to listen to the RBN archives.

Fiat Empire is a Telly Award-winning documentary, which features presidential candidate RON PAUL, was inspired by the book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by author and FREEDOM FORCE founder, G. EDWARD GRIFFIN.


Find out why some feel the Federal Reserve's practices are a violation of the U.S. Constitution and others feel it's simply "a bunch of organized crooks." Discover why experts agree the Fed is a banking cartel that benefits mainly bankers and their corporate clients as well as a Congress that would rather increase the National Debt to $9 trillion than raise taxes. Find out how the corporate media facilitates the partnership between the Fed and Congress and why it fails to disclose what's going on. Lastly, find out how the Federal Reserve Member Banks are owned and controlled by an elite group of insiders.

Individuals can order a special "Volunteer Network" promotional version of this movie - CLICK HERE - which features a special DVD cover and a brief introductory interview with monetary architect, Bernard von NotHaus, founder of The Liberty Dollar which also produces a "Ron Paul Liberty Dollar" that is beind used to support Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential Campaign.


To fully understand Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul's position on the Federal Reserve Bank and why he would eliminate it and place the United States back on a Gold & Silver standard, you must watch Fiat Empire. This is an excellent tool for all Ron Paul supporters to use when introducing people to the Next President of the United States.

Now you can order in these increments from the Volunteer Network at this link:

10 Volunteer Edition DVD's for $14.07

100 Volunteer Edition DVD's for $68.39

600 Volunteer Edition DVD's for $338

Orders are sent by FedEx and can not be delivered to a P.O. Box.

Or go to http://www.FiatEmpire.com to get the DIRECTOR'S CUT, a 2-DVD set in a box complete with 160 minutes of additional, uncut interviews of Ron Paul and the other featured experts for $27.90.



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