Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Szandor Blestman, columnist from The American Chronicle, and Steve Harris, Organizer of the National Ron Paul Meetup Call Were our Guests on RBN Today

Szandor Blestman writes for the American Chronicle. We talked about his recent aticle - see below:

Ron Paul Gets Much More Than 15 Minutes

Szandor Blestman
November 4, 2007

This article refers to a blog by the editors of Foreign Policy which can be found here:


"Mr. Boyer concludes by saying that play time is over. I have to agree with him. It's time for Ron Paul supporters to pull out all the stops. It's time to put your money where your mouth is. It's time to quiet all these nay sayers who think that Ron Paul's supporters are few and far between. It's time to show our strength. Donate. Put on the bumper stickers. Keep going to those rallies and holding up your signs. Keep submitting those videos to Youtube. Keep blogging. Keep writing those articles. Let those in the minority, those like Mr. Boyer, those who think that their vision is the only clear vision, let these people know that they can no longer tell us what to think. Let them know that it is time for them to worry about themselves and not about everyone else. Let them know that the majority of people want to accept responsibility for themselves and want government out of their lives. Let these people know that the ideas of freedom, liberty, smaller government and self reliance are still viable ideas today that resonate with Americans. It is time to elect Ron Paul and send the message that we wish the rest of the politicians to stop playing with our lives."

Read more here.

Steve Harris, a native of Charlotte NC, is a grassroots activist and organizer for the cause of freedom and liberty. He founded and moderates one of the most successful weekly National Ron Paul Meetup Conference Calls in support of Ron Paul's campaign. The call - which is moving into it's 24 consecutive week - begins each Thursday evening at 9 pm Eastern. Call 605-475-8500. PIN 5092984.

You can listen to this show by visiting the Republic Broadcasting Network's archives at this link.



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