Saturday, November 10, 2007

Marie Miller (mother of William Miller), John Stuart and Bill Riley (brother of Danny Riley) Our Guests on RBN Yesterday

Marie Miller

William Miller, one of the first supporters to stay in the home of Ed and Elaine Brown was recently abducted from his mother's home in the middle of the night and taken to a local county jail were he remains in custody on a charge that relates to the hearsay of unidentified individual(s) who heard him make a comment in a public hearing about the need for a local official to "be capped". Apparently this public comment was construed to be an overt death threat. Audioblogs to this blog and calls to the editors of this blog by William Miller during the month of September which went into early October exhibited a very unstable emotional condition. We hope and pray that William receives a proper hearing soon as well as emotional and legal help to resolve this situation.

Here's a video of Marie Miller and her other son, John, inside the Brown's home on February 10, 2007:

Here is an old blog post about William: Who Is William Miller?

1/2 way through the show on RBN Bill Riley, the brother of Danny Riley, came on the line to update listeners on Danny's condition inside jail. Bill talked about Danny recent experience of being, against his will, mistreated - suffering a dislocated shoulder - dragged through the jail and tortured by 20+ guards as they brought him to a "secret" court hearing which he had no advance warning or knowledge about.

Danny Riley is one of "The Plainfield Four" supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown who were arrested on September 12th. Danny's blog is maintained by his brother, Bill who wrote:

Dan Riley, a supporter of Ed and Elain Brown, was arrested and charged with assisting Ed and Elaine in their stand against the Federal Income Tax fraud. This blog will be used to keep everyone up to date on the status of Dan's legal defense against these charges.

Please visit Danny Riley's blog and support Danny Riley's defense fund at this link. Here is the link to Danny Riley's letter to the judge about his extreme mistreatment/torture at the hands of prison guards.

You can listen to this show at the RBN archives by visiting this link.

Editor's Note:
John Stuart joined us on the show from his home in Arizona. We will be posting an email and blog address for John Stuart as soon as we can.



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