Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Overt Lawlessness: A Good Sign

By Larken Rose

Sometimes I wonder why the IRS still bothers to pretend that what
it does is administering the law. Off hand, I can't think of ANY
law or procedure which I HAVEN'T seen the IRS blatantly ignore.
Here are just a few of the things the IRS has done wrong, just in
the cases I'm personally familiar with (and this is just off the
top of my head):

Failure to give Examinations meeting (26 CFR 601.105)
Failure to give Appeals meeting (26 CFR 601.106)
Failure to give Collections Due Process hearing (26 USC 6330)
Refusal to allow recording of meetings (26 USC 7521) (Even the Tax
Court chastised them for that one.)
Demands for sums known to be grossly inaccurate (aside from the
question of what income is taxable) (26 USC 7214)
Repeated use of the outlawed "tax protestor" term (Section 3707,
RRA 1998) (Even TIGTA reports that this is still happening every
Failure to comply with Freedom Of Information Act (5 USC 552)
Making assessments not conforming to the law (26 USC 6203)
Executing levies without giving notice (26 USC 6331)
Outright refusal to process claims for refund (26 CFR 601.105)

The list goes on and on. Take, for example, a few of the things
done by the IRS bureaucrat currently on my case (Mr. Ted
Tsarouchis). For those who don't know, in order to avoid extra
YEARS of imprisonment, Tessa and I filed back returns prior to my
sentencing, falsely reporting our income as if it were taxable
(when we know it isn't). Having paid off most of the hefty alleged
liabilities (by mortgaging our house to the max), I then applied
for an "installment agreement" with the IRS to pay off the rest.




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