Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to the Future with Aaron Russo

By Bill Price

Aaron Russo brought America back to the future. America was living in the fog of the past until Russo’s vision, the memory of a shared dream, was brought back into full view. But, that dream was destined to collide with another dream created out of the past. A dream conjured by George Orwell in his famous novel, 1984. Aaron’s formal quest for truth became a continuation of the phenomenon first seen in the ghost released through Orwell’s book. The specter raised through Orwell’s ghost of the future (big brother) was courageously confronted and then catapulted into the American consciousness by Aaron Russo. Aaron’s work has become a permanent landmark for courage and freedom, not only here in America, but the entire world. I talked to Aaron only twice in my life, but was tremendously impressed with his simplicity and candor in our brief conversations.

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Blogger USMC said...

News Media 8-27-07
Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217
WE have a feature on Union leader .com that allows for rapid public feed back. The UL very seldom prints letters that tell the UL’s faults. The UL edits letters to their way of thinking. I write a letter every day and send it to the UL and every other NH newspaper. MY letters are clear, factual and news that the public needs to know. Joe wants feedback on his editorial but only positive. We have kids giving their lives every day so the truth can be told in the news with out fear of government. This is our military. What do we give these Veterans when they return. Nothing unless it is for some politicians political gain. We the Veteran want you to respect what we gave our lives for. “Our Constitution”. Joe you talk about stupid criminals but the UL does not tell about Judge Fauver violation the Constitution intentionally to harm NH residents. You refuse to print the opinion of a 100% service connected disabled veteran because you do not believe what he says or Why? Your feature is impressive but hollow.
I was injured three times during my tour in the Marine Corps. Two were received in separate combat support missions. I did eight convoys as an American Advisor. My first kill was with a bayonet. I came back with three serious life changing disabilities. I was rated 100% disabled by the Veterans Administration over 30 years ago. I volunteer to help a Madbury NH family that read my letter to the editor. This family was so desperate they called me (some one they did not know) for help. I have violated no laws but NH declared me a terrorist and put me in jail as a means to scare me. Congress woman Shea-Porter filed a false police report to stop me. When that failed she had a VA DR. Biswas attempt to commit me. Now NH VA director Mark Levenston has stopped my VA medical care. My disabilities are from my tour in the Marine Corps. We have laws and rules to prevent Veteran’s medical care from being a political weapon against any Veteran. You the UL have a feature but you refuse to tell the truth. You want to base this opinion on facts, Dover Police file # 7002-942 or NH Supreme Court case 2003-0477. This letter should be printed in every newspaper in the United States because we as United States Veterans deserved to have the facts told when our government officials and judges use trusted powers to harm us. Large or small newspapers could print a disclaimer but these facts exist and will some day be told. Which large or small newspaper across the United States wants a Pulitzer prize story to be first in their newspaper. Send this to NH governor Lynch at
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

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