Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Thank You Aaron" Tribute Continues On Our RBN Show Today With Ed and Elaine

We are continuing to devote time on today's show - and perhaps again on Friday - to express our thanks to Aaron Russo.

Special Guests: One of our callers on todays show was "Steve" from North Carolina who is one of the organizers of a weekly "National Ron Paul Meetup Call" that takes place on Thursday beginning at 8 pm. Call 605-475-8500 PIN 5092984

Casey Lee Cobb, founder of "Show The" was our second guest on today's show. He made a very powerful point that the scene where Aaron Russo interviewed Sheldon Cohen, ex-commissioner of the IRS, who couldn't not respond with authority to the weight of Aaron's questions regarding the legitimacy of the US Government's tax on the labor of the average working American. Casey said that Sheldon's failure to "show the law" to Aaron Russo marked "the death of the IRS" in America. I don't have Casey's exact words, but he said something to the effect: "It was as if Aaron was there shining the light from cross of truth on the face of evil itself and all that face of evil could do is shrink away into the darkness."

Henry Nicolle was our third guest on the show. Henry was/is the California coordinator for the "independent" America: Freedom To Fascism volunteer network. Henry is a very eloquent individual and he did a great job praising Aaron and his "never give up" spirit and energy to support and advance the cause of freedom and liberty in America.

Bob Schulz, founder of We The People Foundation, was our fourth guest. Bob didn't get a chance to talk about Aaron as we invited him on the show to talk about his decision to shut down We The People Foundation's websites in compliance with the federal court's injunction.

If you would like say "thank you Aaron" please share a personal thought or story of how he influenced you in any way please call into the show at 800-313-9443 or send us an email to Read more here. Listen here.



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All I can say to Mr. Schulz is "good doggy". So much for "we the people". Lie down boy, lie down.

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