Thursday, August 02, 2007

More "New Media" Coverage of Tommy Cryer's Win Over The IRS

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Editor's Note:
It's been over 20 days - since July 11th - but we're still very patiently waiting for the day when AP News, the Concord Monitor, Union Leader, WMUR9 TV, the Boston Globe or other publications in the greater New Hampshire or Vermont area cover Tommy Cryer's win over the IRS.

"Google News" - which covers links primarily to the "Old Controlled Media" (OCM) - still shows only 4 articles on Tommy Cryer's win over the IRS. You can check for yourself at this

"Google Blogs" - which covers the "New Media" (blogs, videos, forums, etc.) - shows hundreds of articles on Tommy Cryer's win over the IRS with more coming in every day as more and more of the world awakens to the truth about this internal form of organized terrorism that's destroying our country. You can click here for a daily update on the growing worldwide "new media" exposure to Tom Cryer's win at this link.



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