Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sherry Jackson on KPFK tonight late, early Thursday

This is a brief announcement to let you all know that Sherry Peel Jackson will be on KPFK talk radio hosted by Roy Tuckman this Thurs. the 2nd of August between the hours of 1-2 am.

If you happen to be up ... please tune in.

Listen online here

Hat tip Paycheck Piracy.

Watch Part II of this video here.

Editors Note: Sherry Peel Jackson's trial for Willful Failure To File charges will be held in Atlanta, Georgia sometime in October from what we understand. We believe she will be represented by Larry Becraft, the same attorney who represented Tommy Cryer.


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

Sherry Jackson is a true hero; it takes a lot of guts to stand up to the IRS and our corrupt Govt, especially publicly.

I hope her trial goes well.


2:52 AM  
Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...

Our prayers are with Sherry!

1:31 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Hopefully Larry Becraft WILL indeed Represent Her.

We need more IRS Employees/Agents to come forward... People like Sherry Jackson and Joe Banister... They can Help to bring about the Major Changes this Country needs.

...And we need more Attorneys like Larry Becraft, Irwin Schiff, Bill Benson and Tommy Cryer, who possess the Fortitude, the Moral Dignity, and a keen sense of THE LAW to Stand Up and Defend these People in Court.

We need more Educated Jurors like Marcella Brooks, and more Judges who, rightfully, DO BELIEVE in Due Process... DO BELIEVE in the Constitution... And who WILL ENFORCE FULLY, Another's Right to a fair Trial... Who will ensure at all cost, dis-regarding any threat,


Judges and Lawyers who have an Honorable sense of Duty in their Pledge to the Flag and their Oath of Office... Judges who don't see their Obligation to fulfill their Oath, or their Pledge as a burden. But as a Blessing.

We Must Defend these People... These Truth Seekers... At all Cost.
They are not only Truth seekers... They are the Finders of Truth. For they have found THE TRUTH. They are Discovers of Truth. Just as Columbus Discovered America... There is no denying it.

IT'S ALL PRERECORDED HISTORY. That's a Fact. (Pre IRS CODE/FRA) The Supreme Court Rulings predate these things, as does the Constitution and The Bible.

The IRS, the Federal Reserve, and all those who ALLOW THEM to (Still) exist... Would have You all forget the only good part of Our History that's left.

Our Constitution, and Our Rights under it. All Granted to us by GOD... And Good Men. A lot of Good Men.

These good Men shed their Blood for us... They believed in Freedom so much that they Bled for our Flag, that it's stripes might stay Red. They themselves turned pale, that it's Stars would shine bright.... So Pale they've become, some stripes also white. They talked long, and wrote into the night. They wrote it all down, and they've written it True... In our quest for Freedom... The Blue in Our Flag is for Me and for You.




Thanks for your time.

- Logic

6:28 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

ED AND ELAINE NOT GUILTY!... This Statement is True to the Flag, and to the Republic for which it stands... It's Constitutionally AND Lawfully Correct... By Statute, Regulation and (IRC)Code!It is also True to the spirit of NH, and to the Beliefs of Most, if not All NH Residents/Citizens.

1,314,895 of us according to the Census FY2006 Estimate...
Since there are so many Potential Jurors, 1,314,895 right here in NH to choose from... and over 300 Million Nationwide...

Why not simply ask them ALL?!

I Ask every NH Citizen throughout the Granite State: What is Your Verdict? Let it be Known!

Give the Brown's a "FAIR" Retrial!

Otherwise Dismiss ALL Charges and Return all Property on grounds of clear and irrefutable Evidence:

Of violating the U.S. and the State of N.H. Constitutions.

Of Court misconduct and Violation of Oath of the Prosecutors, Judge Steve McAuliffe, and various other officers and Agencies...

Of coercing a Jury into a Finding of Guilty, without even presenting those Jurors any evidence for the Brown's Defense! Even more Suspiciously, the Jurors also were not allowed to see any evidence from the Prosecution either!

The Judge would not allow the Browns to present Evidence in their defense to the Jury...

The Judge would not allow the Prosecution to show the IRC as evidence against the Browns...To the Jury.

hmmmm. Seems to Me that if a Jury hasn't yet seen Evidence from either the Defendant or the Prosecution... Then the Judge giving instruction to the Jury was Premature.

Every Statute must be Read in Light of the Constitution! No ones claims or Testimony can be called Frivolous if a Valid Argument can be Made regarding any statute of Law.

No Judge has the right to instruct a Jury "You will find the Law as I give it to You". Period... Let alone immediately after such a profound and willful denial of evidence to Jurors.

This is Absolutely an Absurd, and sick violation of Due Process, perpetrated by those who are supposed to protect and uphold it.

Jurors are the Sole interpreters of the Evidence at hand, and of the LAW as it applies, and also Regardless of what the Judge's stance may be. Jurors can rule against the Judges Own personal verdict... Because Jurors choose the final verdict! And for good Reason!

Do you all understand that there is a very good reason why a Judge alone cannot find you Guilty?

Do you all understand that there is a very good reason why Jurors have the right to hear all Testimony, and view all Evidence From both sides? And, IN LIGHT OF the Statutes and the Constitution?

Give the Brown's a "FAIR" Retrial!

Otherwise, declare a Mis-Trial and Dismiss ALL Charges and Return all Property to the Browns on grounds of the clear and irrefutable Evidence I have outlined above.

Jurors alone decide their verdict, based on ALL Evidence and ALL Testimony... And based on THE LAW... As GOD, THE STATUTES, AND THE CONSTITUTION PROVIDE... (In Writing!)

God Bless You All

There is simply no refuting the FACT... the 16th was never Ratified. It was the Trick of Philander Knox, Paul WarBurg, J.P. Morgan and John Rockefellar... To Hijack the Constitution utilizing their Newly Founded Federal Reserve Act. Women's Liberation lent a huge contribution to the Rockefellar Plan. Before Women's Lib only half the Population was Taxable under their "LIE". After Women's Lib however... The entire Population was now Taxable under the Federal Reserve "LIE".

But even though it came to be using unlawful means and a mostly absent Congress... The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld (and on several occasions), that it "Gives no further taxation power". As upheld again in the July 11, 2007 Tom Cryer Case, you cannot Tax the Labor of the People... And they can not Cite a Law making most of US Liable to Comply.

6:43 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Please see
"Theft by Deception" By Larkin Rose
“The Law That Never Was” By Bill Benson
"America, Freedom to Fascism" By Aaron Russo

You are intellectually dead in the water without research – to include all relevant Case Law and Supreme Court Rulings – The IRC – Bill of Rights – U.S. Constitution and Local STATE Constitutions. If You haven’t done this Tovi… and Educated yourself on the IRS, The Federal Reserve/Patriot/Military Commissions Acts… Then any argument you present here is intellectually inept. You Might find the word “Frivolous” more to your understanding.

Have a great day. By the way… What will you be Reporting Tomarrow? Or haven’t you asked yet?

6:53 PM  

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