Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lie Free Or Die: No End In Sight:

The Saga Continues

Plainfield, New Hampshire -- July 30, 2007

Ed Brown motions to the area of his 110 acre estate were gunshots rang out Saturday night. He's heard neighbors firing weapons in the past, but the time of day which these shots were heard caused alarm.

"Between 11:30 and midnight we heard somewhere between 30 and 40 shots. Rounds go off. Why anyone would be shooting late late at night I have no idea," Brown said.


Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillens says [the] Brown's report is a fabrication, but he admits that the federal standoff with the convicted tax evaders is taking its toll on the community.

"They are pretty disgusted or discouraged that it has taken seven months that this has been going on with no end in sight," he said. Read more.

Editor's Note: Chief Gillens is right. If Ed and Elaine Brown are not afforded due process of law - which we believe would enable them to walk free like Tommy Cryer - then there will be "No End In Sight" for America.



Blogger George Vreeland Hill said...

This is a fight the government can't win.
The Browns are right, and we the people are exposing the fraud of taxation and the IRS!
The fight for what is right has only begun.

George Vreeland Hill

9:15 PM  

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