Sunday, August 05, 2007

LAW PROF on the LOOSE Covers Tom Cryer

Here's an oddball story: Tommy K. Cryer, a man who proudly proclaims that he hasn't paid his income taxes in ten years, and who made a series of videos explaining that there's no law requiring most people to pay taxes, is prosecuted for failing to file and is acquitted! His analysis: "The court could not find a law that makes me liable or makes my revenues taxable." Could it be true?

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Blogger Scott C. Haley said...


Here's a portion of my response (on his website) to this condescending Prof---

"In addition, more than one Supreme Court ruling (sorry, don't have the cites immediately at hand, but they were never reversed) have concluded that the 16th Amendment 'conferred no new taxing powers' upon the Fed Gov't.

"Finally, there's the 'Except as otherwise provided...' introduction to the description of 'gross income'. Go to for a fuller discussion, and to view the results of data-mining both 26 USC & 26 CFR.

"By the way, Prof, Tom Cryer is not the only attorney who is a member of the Tax Honesty Movement. You might consider the possibility that someone does exist who actually knows the Income Tax better than you do. It certainly is possible. To think otherwise results in unmitigated hubris.


Scott "

FF posted a response as well...and Anonymous, though who knows which one.

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