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Since the dawn of man there has been a command structure throughout the animal kingdom. From alligators to monkeys, to wolves, to- fill in the blank-, there is always a command structure, ie dominant male then the dominant female, then the guards then the den watchers etc. etc. etc.. Like a bee hive has its command structure, I think it is an axiom to say everyone knows a bee hive has its Queen then on downward through the ranks.

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Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

With all due respect, Danny, I don't believe that armed revolt would be successful.

In my opinion, nonviolent boycotting has a much better chance of drawing people to the cause and of being successful. I refer you to, and in particular, the video "Bursting the Bubbles of Government Deception".

I understand your zeal, though; I remember those same feelings when I was about your age...during the 1964 Goldwater campaign...shortly after the landslide victory by Johnson.

Throughout the years, several families have been in the EXACT same position as the Browns are now in...and no revolt ever materialized. Some of those people were killed by Government agents or local law enforcement
...and no revolt ever materialized.

I'm not trying to discourage you; nevertheless, Reality is Reality. We have a much better chance of getting people to peacefully stop participating in Government procedures than we do of getting folks to pick up arms. They can't put everyone in prison; that's impossible on several levels.


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Blogger albanyNY said...

Scott, i enjoyed reading your comment. And i agree boycotting is good, the colonist did that and were sucessfull for a little while. The king would relent and just come at their liberties another way. until revolution broke out.

Patrick Henry had one of the most famous speechs for a call to arms on March 23, 1775 and i am sure plenty of people disagreed with Mr. Henry and plenty of people still thought there was a peaceful way to solve the problem of loosing their liberties to the king.

Then war broke out just a month later after Mr. Henry's speech. Scott I am a realist to, and i do not see any other way these criminal international bankers are going relinquish their control of our money system. Histroy has shown that only Force can guard the jewel of liberty and i believe if you do not understand that you are mistaken.

Scott I appreciate your point of view and keep the comments coming.

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Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

To Albany---

Thanks for a coherent and respectful response.

I don't really disagree with your assessment.

What I purposely left unsaid is that I don't think that this is the right time for a successful armed revolt. We the People of this great land have not yet tried boycotting on a scale of any significance. Once we do (if ever), the true nature of this subverted Govt will be readily apparent to EVERYONE, not just a few.

That will be the time for an armed revolt. If it happens now, it will be brutally and thoroughly crushed.

Just my opinion.

Thanks for your incisive input.


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Blogger Tyler Moore said...

Eh, before I get to the point on why a violent solution maybe the ends, let me clear up a mistake made in the first paragraph. Most of the animal world does not have a command structure, and when it does most of the time it is a dominant female rather than a male. In a bee hive, the Queen is at the bottom of the pyramid. her purpose is to work for the hive and produce more young for the workers, who are the true rulers, and they rule themselves. No one gives them orders. If the Queen falters, the workers put her to death and grow a new Queen at will.

A bee hive is not a monarchy. A bee hive is anarchy.

Now, moving on: I love the idea of a peaceful solution, however let's be realistic. When faced with an armed group of violent thugs in a dark ally who demand your money and your wife to rape, you sit down and say "I'm sorry, I won't comply with your request" gets you what? It gets you killed, for those who miss the obvious answer.

Same situation, you pull a .375 magnum revolver out and say, "BACK OFF!" You get two results. Either a) they back down, or b) draw their own weapons and a firefight ensues. You might survive, you might not. But either way option 2 is much better than the first option.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

To Tyler---

All due respect, your "thugs in a dark alley" analogy really is "apples to oranges".


"b) draw their own weapons and a firefight ensues..."---
It would be more like this:
b) they call in SWAT, armored personnel carriers, gas, concussion grenades, helicopters with more SWAT, RPGs, and there is no chance at all that you will live, most especially if you fire first.

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Blogger Tyler Moore said...

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Blogger Tyler Moore said...

Uh, the federal government is a group of thugs that have led us down into a dark ally. Yes, upgrade the weapons from Glocks vs. .357 to MP5 vs. Ak-47.

"they call in SWAT, armored personnel carriers, gas, concussion grenades, helicopters with more SWAT, RPGs, and there is no chance at all that you will live, most especially if you fire first."

I wouldn't suggest firing first, but if you think that is the situation, let's make a case study out of that oh-so-popular middle eastern warzone we call Iraq. (Note: I do not endorse, nor support the actions of al-Qeada, the Iraqi Resistance and the many tribal factions)

You need to start thinking dirty. If we must become partisans against the State, the way to win is not fight them when they knock down our doors with S.W.A.T. No, take it to the streets. Roadside bombs, sniper attacks, car bombings, infrastructure attacks. That's how you'd fight in a real partisan movement. Read how the Russians fought back against the Germans. I agree, do everything peacefully that we can. Absolutely everything! But, we are to far in their grasp. We failed to wake up thirty years ago. I can here the trains ready to take the nonconformers to the camps already.

When they start coming for people en masse, is when we have no choice but to react.

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