Saturday, August 04, 2007

35W Bridge Collapse Witness Heard "A Loud Explosion"

Survivor Lori Patterson also witnessed the Interstate 35W bridge collapse -- she was jogging under it moments before it crumbled. Patterson said she heard a loud explosion and turned around, thinking it was construction or dynamite testing.

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Hat Tip to Danny Riley who shared the following:

"just wanted to pass an interesting story that i came across about the bridge collapse from and eyewitness account

since when does a president fly to a bridge collapse, seems odd to me. we had one collapse in NY years ago, no president came to upstate NY."

Editor's Note: Lori Patterson should file an affidavit about what she saw, heard and felt before, during and after the bridge collapsed. Just as a precaution against people who may say that what she saw, heard and felt "never happened."


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