Thursday, August 30, 2007

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Death By Documentary: America Freedom To Fascism

36 min 17 seconds into the movie
36 min 17 seconds into the movie

Casey Lee Cobb wrote:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Main Entry: pro•per•gan•da
Pronunciation: "prah-PER-'Gan-duH’
Function: noun
Etymology: Neo Latin, from the movement(s)

1: Information based on fact, deliberately fused with creative satire, and accompanied with honorable ideals spread widely to help further the cause of truth via shaming the wrongful party into changing lanes to the narrow path of righteousness.

2: the spreading of ideas, or information, for the purpose of helping the cause, of a truth.

posted by Casey Lee Cobb at 7:59 PM at this link

Editor's Note: Casey Lee Cobb's "Show The" website along with Shau Kranish's "Make The Stand" came together to initiate and sponsor the plans for the upcoming "Fall Freedom Festival" on Ed and Elaine's property on Saturday September 15th which will be a beautiful-colorful time to be in New Hampshire. Please support this event and do all you can to visit the Brown's as We The People continue to celebrate the cause of freedom and liberty in America and the world.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot take any credit for initiating or planning the “Fall Freedom Fest”. There are so many people behind the scenes working on that, I do however advertise one of the big banners chosen for the upcoming festival.

This year’s Fall Freedom Fest is looking like it’s going to be one of the biggest gatherings yet! We all need to make the stand for what is Righteous; we all need to support Ed and Elaine Brown at this historic time. After your activities in promotion of 911 truth on this important six year anniversary have been fulfilled, then do your part in joining Ed & Elaine Brown at the “Fall Freedom Fest” were everyone chooses between Freedom and Fascism, simply by showing up. Now I know not everyone is in the financial position to travel, So I would very much encourage you to purchase a raffle ticket for the festival so that you can get your chance in winning one of the many great prizes to be given away.

Address and Time of the Freedom Fest.
401 Center of Town RD
Plainfield NH 03781

At the Festival you can purchase you’re raffle tickets to support Sherry Peel Jackson with her legal defense fund, after she was wrongfully targeted by the IRS for appearing in the movie America From Freedom to Fascism and telling the truth.

You can also get info on how to purchase your raffle tickets in advance!

9:58 AM  

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