Sunday, July 15, 2007

WOW!!! "Old Stream Media" via Google News Search Reports ONE (1) Article On Tom Cryer's Win

Sad, but true. It's been four (4) plus days since Tommy Cryer's win against the DOJ/IRS on July 11th and there is only ONE (1) lonely "Google News" item on this coming from which is known worldwide as the mind/heart/soul of the internet. You can click here to check for yourself.

Here's the actual article from "Free Market News Network" which is NOT considered to be part of the controlled "Old Media":

Attorney Wins Tax Case

Free Market News Network, FL - 6 hours ago
... everything but the law that required him to file. Tom had asked the IRS to show him the law that made him liable but the IRS did not respond. -FairTaxGroup.

Editor's Note: "Houston we have a problem!"


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