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Truth Attack Press Release on Tommy Cryer's victory


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Louisiana Lawyer Acquitted on Federal Income Tax Indictment

Shreveport, Louisiana -- July 13 2007 ? A Shreveport attorney who asked the government to prove he had a ?federal tax liability? was acquitted on willful failure to file after he refused to file federal tax returns based upon his knowledge and belief that Congress exempted personal earnings from federal taxation.

A federal jury unanimously found Tommy K. Cryer not guilty this week on two federal counts of willful failure to file federal income tax returns. According to Cryer, the government could show no law to the 12-member jury making him or any other average working American liable for claiming his earnings as taxable income.

"I am an experienced lawyer and for years," said Cryer, "I researched the Internal Revenue Code, the federal regulations, U.S. Supreme Court rulings and U.S. Department of Treasury determinations searching for the liability provision making me liable for filing and paying federal income taxes?I could not find it." Cryer says the reason he was unable to find the liability provision was simply because it does not exist. The problem and confusion for American workers comes as a result of the IRS's misapplication of the internal revenue laws.

"If Congress could have taxed it would have?it couldn't so it didn't," Cryer said. "The Supreme Court has long held that Congress cannot impose an income tax on any American?s God-given right to work and earn a living." Cryer explained that if Congress could tax our rights it also could destroy our rights. "It all comes down to common sense, nowhere in the history of this great nation shows that our fundamental
rights are taxable, and the internal revenue laws are no exception." Cryer added.

After a two-year criminal investigation, Cryer was indicted in October 2006 on two counts of tax evasion and willful failure to file federal income taxes. The indictment carried a potential 10-year prison sentence. On the morning of the trial, the government withdrew its two counts of tax evasion, and proceeded to pursue it two counts of willful failure to file.

The jury took just over three hours to find the Shreveport attorney not guilty. Calls to Ms. Tanya Porter, the Assistant U.S. Attorneys' office spokesperson, indicated that she was unavailable.

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