Monday, July 30, 2007

Spoke With News Desk At The NH Union Leader

We called and spoke with Mr. Perkins at the NH Union Leader about the issue of comments in favor of the Brown's not being published on their website. If someone is interested in learning more of the details of this call, feel free to post in the comments section. There's obviously an inherent bias against the Browns in the Union Leader's reporting. For example, I asked why they haven't reported on the Tom Cryer win against the IRS. They said something to the effect that "Tom Cryer has nothing to do with Ed and Elaine Brown." Please call the NH Union Leader and demand that they report both sides of the Brown's story.

When I asked if they would cover Tommy Cryer's case/win if Tom were to actually visit NH and avail himself to be interview by the NH Union Leader, the gentleman answered - something to the effect - that this would indeed make an important difference in their decision to cover the Tom Cryer story. One thing was noted in reference to Tom Cryer's story and that was the admission from the NH Union Leader that it wasn't covered by AP which seems to be a big influence on whether they report on the story.


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