Monday, July 30, 2007

Charges Need To Be Filed Against Local Police and WMUR For False Reporting

Police: No Activity At Home Of Couple Convicted Of Tax Evasion - (blatant LIE..there was "activity" as multiple shots were fired in the woods and this "activity" was reported to the local police)

POSTED: 7:00 am EDT July 29, 2007
UPDATED: 5:47 am EDT July 30, 2007

PLAINFIELD, N.H. -- The U.S. Marshal's Office and state and local police insist there has been no law enforcement activity (there should have been "law enforcement activity" to respond to the reports that 30-40 shots were fired in the woods near the Brown's home) at the property of a Plainfield couple convicted of tax evasion ("convicted" implies the administration of due process which means a fair trail which wasn't the case for Ed or Elaine).

People who live in that area also report no activity (Ed and Elaine and their supporters who have been staying with them qualify as "people who live in that area" and they all reported to the local police that multiple shots were fired in the woods around their home...a rephrasing of the LIE).

A supporter of Ed and Elaine Brown who is staying at their home tells an online radio station that he heard gunshots at around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday (read "supporters of Ed and Elaine" cannot be trusted to tell the truth).

Overnight, News 9 along with local police, state police, and the Marshal's office received numerous phone calls from the couple's supporters from several different states.

However, the reports of shots or a law enforcement presence are unfounded (repeating the same LIE for there were multiple witnesses who heard and reported to the local police these shots).

Ed and Elaine Brown have been holed up (they are not "holed up"....they are individuals who have been denied due process of law) Plainfield home since they were each sentenced (by a court that violated their Constitutional right to due process) to more than five years in prison in April on federal tax evasion charges.

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Blogger Tuva or bust said...

Funny how none of the neighbors heard anything or saw any cars at all.

10:45 AM  
Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...

In a conversation with the Union Leader they didn't deny the existence or reports of gunfire nor did they report on it either. Having it both ways is cool when you work for the OCM.

6:26 PM  

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