Monday, July 30, 2007

Commentary By Casey Lee Cobb On Yesterday's Fiasco

Righteous Indignation

Casey Lee Cobb | Official: Ed Brown Video Blog | July 30th 2007

Can you say dereliction of duty? Or the equivalency of such for a police officer and dispatcher? There are multiple eyewitness accounts regarding the activity that went on at 401 Center of Town Road, in Plainfield yesterday. These multiple eyewitness and ear witness accounts of gunfire and covert operations being conducted on the Browns property can be confirmed by well over a dozen of their house guests.

After receiving notification that 30-40 rounds were fired on said property. Many people took action in order to prevent another Waco like massacre. During the process of being bombarded with literally hundreds of phone calls in the early morning of the 29th there were numerous reports over an eight hour time period which indicated that the police had responded to the emergency calls by saying things like “We have not heard anything.” or that there is nothing going on at the Browns.

Caller after caller, calling into the “The Wolf at Your Door” radio show, hosted by Torin Wolf; gave testimony after testimony of police dispatchers stonewalling with respects to the reported gunfire on the Browns property. It is in this author’s opinion that the police department stood down deliberately, stone walled callers deliberately, and hung up on many concerned callers whom were simply trying to save the life of Ed and Elaine Brown.

Little did they know or realize that this little game of psychological warfare conducted by your favorite alphabet agency of choice was going to be used as a pretext to rabble rouse the Brown supporters into unwittingly making the media portray us as a nuisance to the local community. History is the harshest judge of man, it makes people and it breaks people.

Time did not heal the wounds left by the happenings that occurred at Ruby Ridge, nor did time heal the world of the Waco massacre. Ed and Elaine Brown have been asking for the law for over 10 years, and will continue to do so for 10 years more if need be.

Time and the actions that one chooses to make or not take ultimately become each and everyone’s own destiny. If one does not choose their own destiny; it simply manifests, or if you do choose; you will manifest destiny. I know it’s easy for you not to act, I know it’s easy for you to play your little game, because no good deed goes unpunished, considered even less is the fact that no bad deed is forgotten. Yet behind all those words lay one simple truth the law that makes most Americans liable for an income tax, simply does not exist; and it is that very truth that shall set us free. To watch another example of the "Old Controlled Media" (OCM) lies click on this link.



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