Sunday, July 29, 2007

Great Coverage by Kat Kanning at the Keene Free Press!!

Reports of Shots Fired at Brown's Home

Sunday, 29 July 2007
By Kat Kanning

Danny Riley is reporting that dozens of shots were fired around 11:30 last night (July 28th) in the woods near tax truthers Ed and Elaine Brown's home in Plainfield.

We went up to the Brown's home this morning. We were able to drive all the way up to the house and did not see any police presence anywhere around their house this morning. A visitor staying in an RV in the driveway told us about 4:30 this morning, someone was running around outside the RV, banging on the side of it and shaking the vehicle. He told us there was quite a lot of movement in the woods after the gunshots had been fired.

Our Copwatch reporter, Lauren Canario, had this to report: Read more here.



Blogger George Vreeland Hill said...

Kat Kanning and the Keene Free Press are always on top of things.
Kat does a great job!
We are all for and with the Browns.
They are right in their fight with the IRS and the government wrongdoers.
The support for the Browns is amazing, but not surprising.
We the people know what is right.
This fight has just begun!
Power to the people!

George Vreeland Hill

11:09 PM  

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