Monday, July 30, 2007

Union Leader Blocking Comments From Ed and Elaine Supporters

In a real stroke of "fair and balanced" reporting, the "Union Leader" is blocking all reader comments from anybody who posts anything in support of Ed and Elaine.

The Union Leader pays somebody to sit there and read every negative and hateful comment and let them go through and to censor out any comment that is supportive of Ed and Elaine in any way shape or form to give the appearance that everybody is against Ed and Elaine.

Shame on you "Union Leader".

Please flood the Union Leader with your comments in support of Ed and Elaine Brown and let them know you do not appreciate their one-sided reporting.

Contact Union Leader

Telephone: 603-668-4321 or 800-562-8218



Blogger Jeremy said...

Why do you say we are responsible for doing our taxes. When according to...continued below

1. "a foreign taxpayer... gross income (whether domestic or foreign source)"
[e.g. "all income from whatever source"]
2. "gross income of a DISC or a FSC"
[domestic international sales or foreign sales corporation]
3. "gross income of a possessions corporations"
[possessions are places like Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, etc]
4. "Foreign earned income"
[the requirements for making this are greater than you think. Data mine the definition of foreign earned income]

U.S. citizens are not required to pay tax.

Also what about when we buy something where is the law that says we are supposed to pay tax
on items we purchase.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

The sales tax is a State by State issue. Some States (I believe that Oregon is one) have no sales tax.

So, to answer Jeremy's question--- there are many such laws in various States.

The Fed Govt (Congress) has been considering a national sales tax for several years---to completely replace the misapplied Individual Income Tax. To help out poor people (like me), everyone would receive a check from the Feds to offset the high national sales tax up to a certain point. Legislative bills have varied, but the average national sales tax being considered is about 23% of the purchase price.

In the Preamble to the 2002 "Fair Tax Act" bill, Congress describes the downside of the Individual Income Tax with about 10 negatives. Right now I can only remember two of them:

1. It (the Income Tax) taxes income multiple times.
2. It intrudes upon the privacy of American citizens.

Congress has been unable to pass the far. As pressure builds regarding the Income Tax (said pressure being due to us), I believe that they eventually will pass the national sales tax---the Fair Tax Act.

The question is---is a national sales tax Constitutional? [I haven't yet researched it.]


5:55 AM  

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