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By: Hal Turner

North Bergen, NJ -- As a radio talk show host, I receive a whole slew of e-mail and regular mail about virtually every issue under the sun. Much of it gets deleted or thrown away. Some of it results in stories appearing on my web site or being discussed on my show. Every once in awhile, something akin to a bombshell arrives and yesterday, July 18, 2007 was one such day.

As I read the document, my blood ran cold. Chills ran up my spine. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. My gut started churning. This document is an operational plan to use U.S. military troops against U.S. Citizens!

The plan says "A perceived serious potential of dissident American groups rising up against constituted authority has been clearly identified by counter-intelligence agencies. [Underlining mine]


!!! WARNING !!! Hal Turner has strong "white supremacist" views.
DOES NOT agree with those views.


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

Very interesting, Hal.

Unfortunately, we have no way of independently establishing the VALIDITY of this "Plan". All we have is your report. Sorry, but I need more evidence than that to verify the story.


12:09 AM  
Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...

we have yet to verify this report.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Tyler Moore said...

My opinion on this document

First, documents like this don't just "leak" out. Most moderately classified DoD files would be encrypted PDF files. There is a remote chance that there is someone in the DoD who could have unlocked the file and gotten it out, but that's nearly impossible to do undetected. So, either it's forged or it was put out on purpose. If I saw another 900 pages, I'd be willing to believe that it is real and put out as a scare tactic. Though, its really not that sensitive, and seems to be showing that they don't expect major trouble.

Read between the lines though, the only reason something like this would exist is because with its gun-against-gun, they know we could win.

7:17 PM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

To Tyler:

I respectfully disagree with your assessment that "gun-against-gun, they know we could win". [I realize that you're not actually advocating violence as a first choice.]

Yes, we have more guns and more people...But, here's what we don't have:
All kinds of supplies,
and most importantly,
an organized force.

We would be crushed. Yes, a few pockets of resistance would always be around...but not enough to matter.

My humble opinion is that non-violent BOYCOTTING should be our first choice vis-a-vis resistance.


p.s. I totally agree with your assessment of the document

12:12 AM  
Blogger David Christopher said...


Who do you think is "the" organized military and who drives all those tanks, apc's and various other military vehicles?

Who do you think is the real core of the United States military and national guard?

I'll tell you who...


Do you REALLY think the men and women of the various branches of the United States military will rise up and attack their own brothers, sisters, family and friends? Do you think their commanders/leaders will allow it?

It ain't going to happen.

There is growing dissent in the military now already and it's only going to expand as more and more people get fed up with federal tyranny.

And if "they" decide to pull in foreign troops or U.N. forces instead, they are going to be in for a very big surprise because once again WE (the men and women in the U.S. military) will rise up and demolish them.

The powers that be are in reality very small. Probably no more than a few hundred people. And when I say the powers that be, I'm talking about the tyrannical people behind the scenes. The real people causing all of the problems we are facing.

I'm quite confident that if "they" try to instill marshal law in America it will be the biggest mistake they ever make and will be the best thing to happen to America.

It will be the best thing to happen to America because the people (both citizens and military) will finally rise up in full force and take their blessed country back once and for all.

And that my freedom loving friend is exactly what the Dr. ordered.

Peace out...

11:51 PM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

To David:

I respectfully disagree with your assessment that "we are...the real core of the U.S. military...". Most people (sheeple) in this country are woefully ignorant of politics and the philosophy of governance. If the Establishment tells them that martial law is required, they will buy it.

Most soldiers will be propagandized into believing that any "rebels" are a threat to America, and need to be crushed.

As a serious observer of American politics since 1956, I can tell you with a very high degree of probability that most "citizens" would regretfully tolerate martial law, and would believe that any "rebels" were the "enemy".

Please keep in mind that the majority of Americans:
1. never use the internet for anything beyond email (if that)--- only about 40% of our population reads ANYTHING on the web; and,
2. never read anything substantial about politics or our system of any form, be that a book, a magazine, a monograph, a pamphlet, or a newspaper.

Sorry to say it, but most "citizens" are satisfied if they just have a job, a home, clothes, a few electronic gadgets, and enough money to go to MacDonalds once in awhile. They don't like everything the Govt does, but overall they're satisfied with it. Plus, for the most part they believe everything that the Corporate Media tell them.


6:32 AM  
Blogger David Christopher said...


That's one assesment, but I believe you are missing this:

I would say the majority of people in the military DO use the internet and are definitely on top of politics. Same goes for their families.

I think you need to get out more. ( no offense) There are large masses of people "awake" and it's a very different world now then even just a few years ago let alone back to the 60's.

And for the rest of the sheeple - all it takes is education and it's getting a lot easier to educate with so many young people waking up to reality.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...


No offense taken. We simply disagree.

I firmly believe that I have the pulse of the political, philosophical, and cultural views of the sheeple...including young people and the military.

Yes, SOME young people and military folks are very dissatisfied with the status quo, but overall I believe those numbers are dwarfed by a largely apathetic and propagandized populace. Most young people today tend to be Statist-oriented, not Liberty-oriented. There is some movement toward restoration of our Constitutional Republic, but the zeal of the supporters of that movement is misleading relative to their actual numbers.

The situation starkly reminds me EXACTLY of the situation just prior to the '64 election. We all knew there was absolutely no way that Goldwater would lose. There were simply too many Freedom-loving people out there. So much for that view.

As we most likely will never agree on this particular issue, I'll leave it at that.

By the way, I hope I'm proven wrong within my lifetime.


3:12 AM  

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