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Ed Brown Stories






Hat tip Danny Riley via email.


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Blogger Tom said...

Here's a clickable link for Jeremy's post above mine.

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Blogger TrueLogic said...


You failed to report fairly on Ed and Elaine Brown... Then... You also fail to report on TOM CRYER WINNING A FEDERAL INCOME TAX CASE in LA. Rupert Murdoch... You have failed in your Role. Your Company and it's Employees have failed to serve the People... And You all fail as Patriot Citizens. You do not Report Fairly... There is nothing Balanced in what you Report... And you have all turned your Backs on God and Countrymen... For something as Disgusting as the Federal Dollar... For a belief in something as sick as the Federal Reserve Private Bank and it's Wars... And in doing so... For selling the souls of Your Children and your Grand-Children.

You have not only helped to Sell the Souls of your own... But Mine as well.

We are the People in this Country who could have done something about the State of Our Nation when it needed to be done. Long before we became Slaves to Private Bankers and U.N. sanctioned Worldwide Mercenaries. WE are the very People that YOU have Failed to INFORM of the TRUTH! Of the FACTS concerning the very State of Our Union... When your Industry was first pioneered, it was the very reason for, the very essense of your existance! To bring the Truth to the People Who give ther Leaders their Power! To Ensure that every Statute is read in light of the Constitution... To make sure that every Trial by Jury is fair to the Prosecution, the defense and especially the Jury itself... To Un-Cover the Coverups... To expose the Fraud... And in a Million other examples, bring the TRUTH to the Republic of America for which our Flag stands today.

I'd expect SOME Members of Congress... SOME Judges and Lawyers... SOME Federal Agencies such as the IRS... And even SOME Citizens to be Corrupt...

But You People of all People... The Media... Are supposed to Report the TRUTH... Are supposed to Expose it when Others try to cover it up... Are supposed to Protect YOURSELVES and the rest of WE THE PEOPLE from Tyrranical Control and Deception... Are supposed to ensure that FREEDOM and LIBERTY are not blindly stripped away from the hard working American Citizen

In Reality though... The KEYWORD above is "YOURSELVES"... Because just like the rest of the Main Stream (Also owned by Murdoch) You have forgotten, or simply do not care about We The People any longer...
Do not care about your own Children or Grand Children... And haven't even given a single thought about what you will say to them when they ask you, 'MOM... Dad, why did you teach us about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights when it's not real, and We have none. Please tell us why you Lied to us."

When you start to report on things like the Builderberger Group, Ron Paul, Constitutional/Tax Honesty issues, Presidential or Congressional misrepresentation of Oath of Office, Misrepresentation of War Powers, Violation of Constitutional Rights, the Posse Comitatus Act etc etc... When you cease to Employ Personalities like that of Bill O'Rielly, and Employ More Morally Competant People such as Keith Olbermann... People will not only TRUST more... But VIEW more. People will not only THANK you... But also BACK you.

I am but one voice. I am however, a voice that speaks for many. Think of it like this. About half of your viewers probably have Computers. This is a guess, since I do not have any statistics to go by... My Prediction, is that once 98-100 percent of your Viewers are Online Oriented and Compare your Biased News Reports to the REAL STATE OF AFFAIRS... You will simply have no Viewers left.

Now I Enjoy the NEWS that you bring into Our Home, I enjoy watching it unfold as it happens (When it's not something Terrible), and I enjoy the Facts that you Present...

Your Downfall however, And current/future lack of Viewer intrest, can be directly attributed to the NEWS and the FACTS that you DON'T Report as they are happening... That's what tells us everything We need to know about your Agency and its Affiliates/Employees. I hope you don't still call yourselves Free Press. Because the only truely free press left, are the average American Citizens who network utilizing the internet and report their own local news as it happens.

For Cryin out loud... I could get email from 5-6 friends and relatives... And get all the NEWS you provide and more. Then... I can go online and verify everything myself, only to find out that Fox News does not report on anything Positive for the People. All you focus on is Death, Disease, Murder, Rape, War, False Tax cuts, fake border security, Congressional/Presidential Lies lies lies!

Who do you think Americans trust?

A News Network on which your mic may be cut by Bill O' for mention of the Constitution, or God forbid... Ones Own Rights?

Or... Their own Internet Research expertise and Email InBox?

You appear to our Public as Incompetent, Un-Professional and Biased to the Fed and its current Administration. Then you interview and Slander that same Public for Educating People on the same THUTHS that you should be Reporting on to begin with. You Label Patriots as traitors. Yet You aid and abet the destruction of the Constitution by supporting Bush, a corrupt Congress, The Federal Reserve Private Bank, The IRS, the Judges, Nafta, the ICC (Intl. Criminal Court) and the NAU!

You never Report on what these people are doing... Unless you are Reporting IN SUPPORT of their actions...
What you should be Reporting... Is your disgust in their actions. If you did... The other networks wouldn't even make the ratings! For a month! What are you afraid of? The Government taking your FCC License? Or the Federal Funding Dollars you'll lose for accurately reporting the TRUTH?

Hey… Look at how Olbermann Chews Bush’s behind… He’s still on the air isn’t he?
For the love of God People… Grow a Spine! And stop the suppression of the Many hard Truths We all need to face in this Nation. Face them now, or our Children will continue to live OUR Lies. They will learn as We have to Lie to themselves… And they will become much better liars the We.

Thank you for your time.


An Educated Citizen in NH.

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Blogger Robert said...

A small email list for Fox News.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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