Friday, July 20, 2007 "News" BlackOut On Tom Cryer's Win Is Over!!

It's been NINE (9) days since Tommy Cryer won his case against the DOJ/IRS - July 11th. There's been a TOTAL BLACKOUT on this story in the "Old Controlled" (OC) Media, but then this little commercial website, "", took a BIG bite on this story and followed up by posting it on

As we noted earlier today, this story made it to the front page of with 1500+ diggs in the past 24 hours. As a result of this activity "News" search engine finally was goaded into listing it on their listings. This is the ONLY story we have confirmed as appearing on's "News" listing using the phrase "Tom Cryer IRS".

The Shreveport Times is the only newspaper that has printed a story about Tommy Cryer's win. You can find this story online at this link, but - mysteriously - this story fails to show up when you search's "News" service at this link.

We The People's "New Media" Does Cover Tommy's Story!

Meanwhile, the "New Media" - created by We The People on blogs and forums across the internet - have been reporting on Tommy Cryer's case for months. You can get a full-complete listing of "New Media" converage of this story at this link.


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