Thursday, June 21, 2007

Infiltration and Lies Exposed -- 911 Octopus


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

Huh? Huh? Huh?

[This clip presents no clear evidence of anything. The two men who are juxtaposed repeatedly are not the same least, there's no clear proof of that.]


3:13 AM  
Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...

hey scott, when you do want to be a contributor?

11:02 AM  
Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...

I'm not sure either. Pretty close however. The main point here is that he's an actor to begin with and the media is using actors for commentary about 9/11 that continues to insert/lodge the questionable existence of planes.

The key to the 9/11 lie is spelled like this:


THE biggest fear of the 9/11 perpetrators is the exposure of this simple, childlike lie.

Without planes the entire story collapses.

This video plants the seed of doubt/truth that ACTORS may/were involved in selling the 9/11 lie to the American public.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

Two things:

1. Am I not contributing now? [Plus, as I said twice before, please feel free to use anything from my blog, as long as the original intent is not distorted.]

2. There is a much better example of a likely "Govt plant" in the 9-11 Truth Movement. One website (sorry, can't find the url at the moment) claims that the planes we saw on TV (at the Twin Towers) were created with a BLUE SCREEN, and that there really were no planes at all. They have video clips that SUPPOSEDLY support their obviously ridiculous contention.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

Oooops...forgot to leave the blog address:

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