Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Education For The Masses: Please Spread Far And Wide!

Google Spider Goats is an interactive, informative documentary/compilation that goes from the fraud more... that is known as the Federal Reserve to World Trade Center 7 in less than 50 minutes.

A great film for waking up new audiences to how the United States of America's citizens are being subjected to massive deception. The film has been made for both new naive audiences with small attention spans, and truth deniers.

The film stars truth superstars Aaron Russo, Alex Jones, Steven E. Jones and Luke Rudowski. An abundance of important issues are touched on with the encouragement for the viewer to Google the subjects and read for themselves. The film has nothing to do with Spider Goats. It is titled Google Spider Goats to showcase just how many disturbing things are going on in America, unnoticed by the mass television-consuming public (i.e. crossing spiders with goats to create bullet-proof vests).

I have spent a lot of time putting the finishing touches and updating this film in the past months. I would love to send out DVD copies (with a cases and covers) to anyone who would like one, as long as they pay for shipping. I would like for this video to spread, so send links to your friends and family.


Blogger christin m p in massachusetts said...

Since the film was dedicated to Aaron Russo and his fight with cancer, I thought this might be a way to find out how I can get a critical message to Aaron Russo. It's about a boy (now a healthy young man) named Billy Best from here in Massachusetts, who ran away from his chemotherapy treatments because he knew the treatments were what was killing him -- not the cancer itself.

You can read about it here:

Hard evidence that the American Cancer Society and chemotherapy are a MULTI-BILLION dollar fraud

If anyone reading this knows how to get this message to Aaron Russo, please either forward it to him, or let me know so I can send it to him directly.

8:37 AM  
Blogger christin m p in massachusetts said...

This is the main link I think Mr. Russo needs to see:

714X vs. Dana Farber Cancer Institute

8:44 AM  

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