Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Something we need to see and think about

Excellent footage of Rainbow hippies overpowering the cops' attempt at a roadblock. Hilarious. Taken at this year's gathering north of Steamboat Springs in Colorado.

Note: The Rainbow Family has no leaders, no structure, no official spokespersons, no official documents, and no membership. Documents are produced as needed and maintained by various groups, and certain themes are consistently seen in this Rainbow literature. Gathering organizers generally contend that the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights give them the right to peaceably assemble on public land and that requiring a permit would violate that basic right by turning it into a privilege to be regulated. (The Gatherings did attempt to initially work within the permit system starting in 1976, but found the government-imposed requirements for facilities and insurance too onerous.)

Final Note: We The People of America need to connect, help and serve each other as ONE family. We can all be part of a new emerging vision where there are literally thousands of peaceful freedom and liberty-loving Americans gathering in the wide-open spaces of New Hampshire to peaceably assemble to help and serve the advancement of understanding, truth, peace and justice in our world. Ed and Elaine have set the pattern. The call for this New Millennium is a call back to peace, service and love of our neighbors. Ed and Elaine Brown are good neighbors. It's time for everyone to celebrate this fact with the full measure of our mind, hearts and souls, thanks be to our Lord God!


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

Hilarious, yes.

It also illustrates a point: if enough people take a stand, tyranny can be overcome.

[All those folks wanted to do was to go onto PUBLIC land without a permit. Law enforcement made the right decision...finally letting them proceed. Of course, the law enforcement folks did it for the wrong reason---they were outnumbered.]


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