Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An Open Letter to Law Enforcement Officials Concerning Ed and Elaine Brown

By Bill Price

U.S. Marshal Steve Monier has stated: “…time was on the side of the authorities.” It may “appear” to Marshal Monier that such is the case, but the facts are in complete opposition to his statement. To begin with, The Hon. McAuliffe refused to allow material that Ed and his wife Elaine relied on and tried to present as evidence for their defense. Also, the Brown’s filed 42 motions with the court and every one was denied by Judge McAuliffe. Judge McAuliffe deliberately misled the jury with manipulative instructions. Together all of this resulted in morphing the Brown trial into a kangaroo affair. The most powerful Authority of all once said: “You will know them by their fruits.” Judge McAuliffe’s character has been revealed through his “work” in the Brown trial. We now know who the Judge really is.


A chain of command supplies authority. Military or police personnel wait for orders from those in authority before taking action. When those with higher rank delegate subordinates to act it’s assumed that their authority came from the top. In a perfect world it works every time. The top for a U.S District judge comes from the U. S. Constitution, and the Supreme Court which is our sole authority for Constitutional interpretations. As federal agents your legitimate authority to act has been cut by Judge McAuliffe. The Hon. McAuliffe has become a renegade by refusing the Defendants Brown the benefit of our supreme law. McAuliffe has tried to put himself above the law and has totally lost his authority to direct any federal agent regarding Ed and Elaine Brown. As it currently stands, federal agents trespassing at the Brown residence have cut their services, telephone, electric, etc. These agents have all sworn oaths before the ultimate Authority, God, and stated before such Authority a solemn promise to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States that are made in pursuance of it, per Article VI, (the Supremacy Clause). Lower/inferior court judges are in error when deviating from precedence law, our highest human authority. The Browns, as part of their defense, gathered favorable testimony in the form of Supreme Court decisions (Precedence Law) to present to the Hon. McAuliffe and the jury. McAuliffe denied the Browns and has destroyed his own authority by refusing to permit our supreme law as a defense in his courtroom. McAuliffe’s fruit is unmistakable and it will be a huge error in judgment if our federal agents follow his debauchery. “Woe unto you lawyers, for you have taken away the key of knowledge: you yourselves have not entered in, and those that were entering in, you have hindered.” Jesus Christ, Luke 11:52

Lawful Orders

This is some brotherly advice from millions of concerned citizens to our brother citizens, U.S. Marshals and other federal agents. Follow the oath you swore before God as your witness, and carry out your pledge to serve and protect our rights. During the “Judgment at Nuremberg” there were four German jurists put on trial. These judges were prosecuted for operating outside of their authority and for denying due process to the accused in the cases they presided over. They were sentenced to concurring life sentences for the crimes they committed against their victims. Judges can and do go bad. Ideally, Judges should be, but are not necessarily, virtuous people and some are simply evil. For you Federal Marshals, this situation is really no different than having to refuse unlawful orders. Any of you who have had prior military experience should know that there is a certain danger in following just any order or decision. For example, the men under Lieutenant William Cally at My Lai became accessories to his crimes by following the rouge lieutenant’s orders. Cally’s orders in that regard ultimately resulted in multiple murders. You, as federal agents, will become accessories to the crimes perpetrated by McAuliffe if you attempt to enforce a decision separated from true authority and engineered by him against the Brown’s. McAuliffe deliberately violated the code of conduct for federal judges by acting as an advocate for the prosecution and by denying to the Browns the benefit of precedence law as a source for their defense. In the end Lieutenant Cally was not protected by his superiors and neither will you be.

This will only continue to get worse if you cooperate with McAuliffe’s judicial misconduct in the Brown “trial”. Federal agents foolishly followed “decisions” at Ruby Ridge. Everyone knows FBI agent Lon Horiuchi murdered Randy Weaver’s wife. He is a psychopath that was protected by a “judge” from the punishment due for his crime. Many now realize that Randy Weaver’s wife and son were murdered when federal agents followed “decisions”. Agents acting on such “decisions” violated the Weaver’s constitutional rights. Federal agents became complicit by violating their oaths at Ruby Ridge. This incident concerning Ed and Elaine Brown will have huge reverberations. You don’t want your names on the roster of those that will be counted as participants/accomplices. America is waking up to the truth. As agents you can help, but if you are more afraid of losing your job than you are of committing crimes against the citizens you swore to defend, then you are turning against God and making yourselves our enemy by an act of your own free will.

God and Country

For any of you Marshals that are Christians, and charged with acting in this matter, there is some bad news. To betray the oath you took is not only a felony it is a mortal sin. If you are Catholic and attempt to receive the sacraments while doing such you will only compound your transgression. Any federal agents claiming to be Christian will be judged for violating their oaths to uphold the Constitution and precedence law, and your respective denominational Churches will be obligated to indict your actions. While many people are still not aware of the facts due to the media’s repeated omissions, God knows the seriousness of the matter. Your duty to the public is not to just follow orders, but to seek information in order to choose rightly. Therefore there will be no (“I didn’t know”) excuse allowed for a defense. The people’s next question will be, “Why didn’t you know?” Do not jeopardize your status as public servants or, more importantly, your salvation. Please give serious thought to what you are now involved in regarding the Brown’s. Ignorance will not be an alibi or serve to mitigate your ultimate penalty. The people respect true law enforcement and will cooperate with legitimate enforcement efforts to keep the peace in our land. Do not cross this line or you will eventually find yourself completely outnumbered and humiliated before your families and friends. Might is not necessarily right.

Remember, the pecking order for values here in America is: God, Family and Country…in that order. To reverse this order will only bring shame on yourselves and the good offices you now hold in our trust.

The Truth in Taxation

Finally, this case against the Brown’s is all about liability for the Federal Income Tax. I have published a two page flyer, front and back, on the Federal Income Tax. You may obtain a free copy of this flyer and can read it in just 15 minutes by going to http:www.article1-taxation.com/flyer.html. If you can find a lawyer, judge, senator, or any official that can rebut the facts as stated by the U.S. Supreme Court in this flyer, “Withholding a la Manhattan”, I will go personally to the Brown home in New Hampshire and plead for them to surrender to you. Fifteen minutes is not much to ask from the people that you have sworn to serve. We believe that law enforcement officials should be informed on the issues that they may be expected to take lives over. Please spend 15 minutes of your time for the ongoing cause of keeping the peace. America is a wonderful place. What a shame if the blessings of liberty were to unravel because some are insisting on blindly enforcing a contrived decision/order, without taking 15 minutes to verify some preconceived notions on the matter. The Supreme Court states that a judgment is only valid if it is free from fraud. I call your attention to the following:

“Fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.” U.S. V. Throckmorton, 98 U.S. 61.

“Fraud destroys the validity of everything into which it enters.” Nudd V. Burrows, 91 U.S. 426.

Millions of people are being deliberately deceived on the issue of liability through false statements made in official IRS literature regarding the “authorities” the IRS claims to operate under. If protracted violence results, it will be due to federal agents enforcing an erroneous judgement/decision. Fifteen minutes worth of reading the Supreme Court’s rulings on the matter of “income” in the 16th Amendment could easily resolve this crisis. The IRS claims the 16th Amendment as their authority to impose a liability for the federal income tax on private, unincorporated U.S citizens living within the 50 states. The Supreme Court completely contradicts the IRS’s statement regarding their alleged authority. The truth can and will set us all free on this issue. Who is telling the truth, Judge McAuliffe or the Supreme Court? Somebody is lying to the people. Do you have the courage and the true concern to find out?

Do not let Judge McAuliffe pit obedience to a contrived lower court decision, against the truth contained in the highest law of the land, Supreme Court rulings… precedence law.


Bill Price


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

Kudos, Bill...well written and much needed.

Your pamphlet is the best short exposure of the IRS Individual Income Tax fraud that I've ever seen...and I've seen almost all of them. Great work.



10:39 PM  
Blogger Bill Price said...

To Scott,

Thanks for the praise. One of the first responses I got from my letter was “The problem is that no body gives a shit”. Maybe I should forward that response to Randy Weaver. This guy has been around a long time and has allowed himself to become part of the problem. Were all tired, but every day more come to the knowledge of the truth. People don’t get it. We are recruiting and having some good success considering the many obstacles.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Chance said...

I have a simple solution. You nutjobs don't wanna pay taxes? Fine. Totally cool. No jail for you. No services either. You get no firemen if your house is burning, no potholes fixed on your roads, no cops, and no military protection. No emergancy room service, nothing you don't pay for. Someone screws you and you want to sue? Too bad. Work it out amongst yourselves. As far as we're concerned, if Mexico can sucessfully invade your property, it's their.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Bill Price said...

Nobody that I know says they "don't wanna pay taxes" they just don't wanna pay un-apportioned direct taxes on their labor. You know chance, just like the Supreme Court says. We are all willingly pay taxes in order to support government "services" just not direct un-apportioned taxes on our labor.We had fire departments etc. before the income tax was jammed down our throats in 1942, and we'll have them after we get rid of the "income" tax too. Get it? Thanks for your comment.

1:48 PM  
Blogger sblestman said...

It's very disheartening when the best someone can do when posting to a blog is call people names. If I'm keeping all the money I earn, I don't mind doing without federal services at all. Last I saw, all the services Chance talked about were provided by local government, mostly paid for by property taxes, with the exception of the military and maybe interstate highways. One problem at a time, first let's pair down the federal government. As for the services, there are free market solutions to those services if the government would release their monopolies on them. It's a matter of letting the market operate unimpeded. People don't seem to realize that and don't want to educate themselves, so when they disagree with a position they simply call those who advocate such a postition "nutjobs" or "crazies" or "idiots" in an attempt to discredit the advocate amongst those who remain ignorant. Sad. Here's a link to an op/ed piece I wrote on the story if you are interested:

Take care.

12:05 PM  

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