Sunday, April 29, 2007

Comments From Author of Individual Sovereignty Blog..

From Scott Haley in the comments section of this blog in response to Reno's post:

The dismantling of our Republic by the Corporatocracy started around the turn of the 20th century. In 1901, a Justice Harlan warned us of "Legislative Absolutism" (Congress bypassing the Constitution with laws) in a powerful dissent to a Supreme Court ruling. Despite his warning, Absolutism kicked into high gear with passage of the unconstitutional Fed Reserve Act in 1913. That should have been a Constitutional Amendment (which never would have passed, and the bankers knew it)---transferring the regulation of the value of our money from Congress to a group of bankers.

Going off the Gold Standard, going to war without a Declaration of War, virtually trashing the Fourth Amendment, and many other unconstitutional actions have (for all practical purposes) buried the Republic. For the most part, it all happened gradually...and we were not vigilant.

Patriots must now stand up to our subverted Govt if the Republic is to be restored. Hopefully, the Browns have been the catalyst for that renewal. Click here for more.