Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Report From Bob Schulz

Mid-East Policy v. the U.S. Constitution:
GML 2007 to Debate Divisive Question

We The People Foundation is pleased to announce the final Agenda and a list of confirmed speakers for our Give Me liberty 2007 conference. You will notice a significant departure in subject matter from what we had in mind when we first decided to sponsor GML 2007.

But for our review of two publications and a certain clause of the U.S. Constitution, we would have settled on a different agenda months ago.

The course and speed we were taking to GML 2007 were significantly altered, first when an 82-page Working Paper that was published last year by two university Professors came to our attention, and then, by a 264-page book (actually a detailed historical report) that was published last year by former President Jimmy Carter.

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Blogger TruePatriot said...

Dear Mr. Schulz~
you, my friend, epitomize an inveterately TRUE Patriot & if a mere 20%, of the vast populous, had the care, dedication & courage, which you overtly possess, this country would be a magnanimously better country, in which to live!!!

Sincerely~ Joey

2:20 PM  

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