Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Standing on Shoulders

By Bill Price

I was sent an e-mail by someone I had heard of before, but never met (Peymon) of Freedom Law Sshool. As a result of his message to me, I would like to share something with all of the patriots. I have been standing on the shoulders of some awesome men and women out here in America, so I will give some brief acknowledgments to those that have been holding down Fort Constitution. (Johnny come lately reinforcements, like myself, are now sharing that burden.) The veterans of the battle for our Republic, whose web sites I will name shortly, have kept the ideals intact that animate these United States. Without a successful defense of the principles that were chiseled into our Constitution, America would have already succumbed to tyranny. I was in the Marine Corps in 1967 I and arrived in Viet Nam in April of that year. I remember the looks from those marines who had been in country for a while and how I understood those expressions so well 14 months later, just before I left. It’s easy for us to get lost in our own personal battles. I was the third member of the group Chuck Conces started over 9 years ago (Lawmen) and never realized how many other outfits were already dug-in and fighting, for not only their liberty but for mine and yours. Thanks to all the Patriots and in particular the following groups. Here are their websites:

Free Enterprise Society

Patriot Network

Freedom Law School

Save a Patriot Fellowship

Bill Price


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