Monday, March 12, 2007

NH Executive

MrTideman said...
Yes, Here in New Hampshire we have that videotapes the Governor & Council meetings, that are usually every two weeks from a Wednesday. I was on the Wed., January 24th '07 one talking about Ed Brown's IRS case at the Public Hearing they had for the BFA: Business Finance Authority, in reference to my RSA Ch. 6:19 complaint against the State Treasurer for being insolvent with these FRNs that are supposed to be redeemable by 12USC411, and because they are NOT here in our state, the banksters to be fined up to $100/day by RSA Ch. 390:6. Yours truly, - - P.S. All public offices and U.S. courts shall keep their accounts in "lawful money" as pre-scribed by the Coinage Act of 1792.

From the reader comments here.


Blogger Jeremy said...

I've got an idea. someone write up a contract to show you the law with a 100 dollar reward. Have your friend to take you to court and use the argument on the IRS website(or maybe the quatloos version) to redeem the contract to pay. Then in court show that the IRS argument is frivolous and the IRS is wrong, and when the judge agrees you conclude the case. Now you have more proof the IRS if full of crap. Maybe not helpful in the big picture but it would make a good short movie.

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Blogger Anonymous said...

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