Sunday, March 11, 2007

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Blogger c said...

Dear Ed:

You got some big American balls.

I only visited two sites last Tuesday night and made comments on

Here is what happened to me, Wednesday:

1:30pm: I get home from lunch and pull into my driveway and my radar detector starts going crazy with VG-2 band(the band that is used for police to detect if I have a radar detector) - This has never happened before on this band in years. Nobody was around and my street is in a quiet neighborhood.
This band is typically used in states that don't allow Radar detectors. Last I checked, you could have them in my state. This would not turn off until I unplugged it, and moved it out of that car.
4:00pm: I get a call from the Salem PD - PBA, asking me if i want to renew my full-page ad in the Salem PDs yearbook. I never paid $395 dollars to be in the yearbook.
7:45pm: I pull into the Walmart parking lot and within 90 seconds a Salem PD comes over and is hassling me, and asking me if i worked for Wal-Mart and what i was doing there. "any drugs or firearms in the car?" i just pulled in and was parked in my car. I’m here picking up a prescription. What kind of prescription? I just ignored that question, since is it none of his business what prescription that I’m getting. He told me that he sees a lot of drug problems here. Walmart told me that they would not have been in the lot unless they were called for some reason. “Perhaps, they thought you were someone else”
Yeah Right!

Keep doing what you are doing. You are a true American

11:01 PM  
Blogger MrTideman said...

What two sites? At FTF for last Tuesday, March 6th, the only dual posters are from longryder plus gk, and the replies look tame. Did you post anything on one or both of the other "two sites"? Yours truly, - - Tue., 3/13/2007

P.S. I wrote the A.G. a "letter of advice" once and ended up in handcuffs at work, charged with a felony, into jail for 10 days, then bailed at $25,000, on pre-trial piss-tests, but case dismissed as an unconstitutional invasion of my right to free speech*, see my current Appeal #2006-0291 against having to pay attorney fees in their extortion racket at the N.H. Supreme Court.

* re: speedy trial in N.H. set at 4 months, with many inmates way OVER that time!

1:14 AM  

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