Sunday, March 18, 2007

David Ridley Reports From New Hampshire

MP3 File

I think I got 'em all Dave. Thanks for the heads up. Don't know why they ain't postin'. Most of 'em seem to make it through to the blog. Have to just keep on pluggin' away I guess. Thanks for the reports.

It's Fred Smart who has blocked anonymous reader comments at this blog not me. I like having them. Makes it easier for some folks to leave comments. And obviously turning off the anonymous commenter function here at this blog does not block anybody from commenting anonymously so it's a futile effort anyway. Maybe Fred will change his mind and unlock it again. We'll see. - dk

UPDATE: I think the first one we had heard before but the next two are the ones that were missing. Let us know Dave if there are any others. Thanks for the reports. - dk



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