Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Crime of the Century

What does the Ed and Elaine Brown stand Off, Chuck Conces’s incarceration, Irwin Schiff and Larkin Rose’s prison sentences all have in common with the “Crime of the Century”? Read the following report:

The Crime of the Century

Apportionment’s body discovered! Mutilated remains found.

Lady A (by all that knew and loved her) was discovered while excavation for the new law library in Washington D.C got under way. The cause of death is still being investigated, but preliminary findings by forensic experts indicate multiple blunt force wounds as the cause. A 16 inch instrument next to the body is believed to be the weapon. The time of death was estimated to be 1942. Apportionment was 155 years old and had two different addresses listed, Article I § 2 cl. 3 and Article I § 9 cl. 4 U.S. Constitution Ave., PA. Apportionment (Lady A) is survived by all U.S. citizens and is being laid out for public viewing in this story.

Lady Apportionment lived an illustrious life. For 155 years she protected all U.S. citizens from property loss. Apportionment was described by Mr. Black in his Law Dictionary as a perfect “Division into proportionate shares”. From her birth in 1787, Apportionment lived up to her noble constitutional mission by fiercely protecting every citizen’s property rights, resolutely insisting on her principle of proportionate shares whenever governmental intruders demanded direct taxes from the private property/money of their constituents (we the people). One of A’s more notable victories was chronicled in a famous Supreme Court decision, “Pollock v Farmers’ Loan and Trust Co.”. That day, Lady Apportionment used her constitutional mandate of proportionate shares as the shinning beacon to guide a majority of jurists on the High Court to truth and justice. The Court, guided by Lady A, struck down the deceitful portion of the U.S. Congress’s 1894 Income Tax Act. The Act was judged according to Lady A’s brilliant constitutional insight and the High Court declared: “...that such tax is a direct tax, and void because imposed without regard to the rule of apportionment; and that by reason thereof the whole law is invalidated.” POLLOCK v FARMERS’ LOAN & TRUST CO., 157 US 429 (1895)

Lady Apportionment fought relentlessly for generations, beating back governmental forays designed to exploit private property/money rights guaranteed to all U.S. citizens. Her principle was simple, just and written on the door of her address at Article I § 2 cl. 3: “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included in this Union, according to their respective numbers…”

Lady A’s constitutional mandate for the preservation of individual property rights will be remembered as the primary bulwark in our country’s fight for liberty. Her untimely death will be continually mourned with each new un-apportioned property right abuse committed by unrestrained government agents and “legislators”. The Supreme Court, if they choose to eulogize her, would naturally include its ringing endorsement of Lady “A’s” maxim; “…concluding that the classification of direct was adopted for the purposes of rendering it impossible to burden by taxation accumulations of property, real or personal, except subject to the regulation of apportionment.” BRUSHABER v UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD CO. 240 U.S. 1 (1916) These Supreme Court rulings have ensconced Lady A’s maxim into decisional law, the highest law of the land.

It has been reported that virtually every private, unincorporated U.S. citizen has suffered repeated attacks on their private property and liberty since the murder of Apportionment in 1942. Governmental agencies, corporations and paid collection institutions, such as the IRS have collaborated with the Justice Department to deprive private U.S. citizens of their constitutional protections against the imposition of direct un-apportioned taxes.

If anyone has information relating to the brutal murder of Apportionment you are “encouraged” to report it to the Treasury Inspector General for “Tax Administration” TIGTA. TIGTA provides complaint forms to begin investigations of Constitutional deprivations and is, apparently, “mystified” about Lady “A’s” long disappearance and apparent murder.

For more details on the fall-out of Lady Apportionment’s death, go to www.article1- taxation .com. Many patriot organizations taking the lead in the current investigation can assist those who have information related to the crime.

A mysterious note was discovered at the scene of the crime. The note is reprinted here and may lead to additional clues in Lady A’s brutal slaying: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

The above note is regarded as an important clue into the motive of lady “A’s” vicious murder. Current leads have indicated the identity of an accomplice going by the name of Fraud. For his apparent connection with Lady Apportionment’s murder, Mr. Fraud will be arraigned at the Court of Public Opinion. Any additional information leading to an arrest and conviction will likely be used in discussions for reparations. The theft of personal property involving millions of private (unincorporated) U. S. citizens, dating as far back as 1942, is seen as the a key to a motive in Lady A’s murder.

The identification of Lady “A’s” assailants is being vigorously sought. Our Constitution is in grave peril as long as Apportionment’s place at Article I § 2 cl. 3 of our United States Constitution remains vacant.

Bill Price, reporting for


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