Thursday, March 15, 2007

Campaigns, he said, are starting to see that they don’t need mainstream media as much as MSM needs them.

He says that we are still waiting for that moment to arrive when we declare that the internet has dethroned television in campaigns. He believes that this will actually be a series of moments that add up. Ruffini says that online video is meeting a new meet; in the last campaign, you had to be a big guy to post an online video. No more.

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Publicly funded lawsuits should be open to public

Schoolmoney_4It’s been a long, strange journey at times, but the Topeka Capital-Journal’s lawsuit against Schools for Fair Funding has ended quietly and justly -- with a settlement under which the group agrees to comply with the state’s open-meetings and open-records laws. The organization of 19 public school districts rightly won its suit against the state for more school funding, spending $3.2 million in public money in the process. Now, it can no longer hide its activities from public scrutiny. The deal even resulted in a $12,500 contribution from the schools group to the Sunshine Coalition for Open Government. As House Speaker Melvin Neufeld, R-Ingalls, said in applauding the settlement, “If you’re spending taxpayer dollars to sue the state, it ought to be viewed as a public entity.”
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