Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Power of One Individual Conscience: Lt. Watada Opposes An Illegal War

Nobel Laureate Tutu Salutes Watada

“In Christian tradition, ethicists insist on the absolute primacy of obeying one’s conscience. It is a categorical imperative… I pray for you fervently and those who will sit in judgement on you.” To read the statement, click here.

Citizens’ Hearing panel calls on every officer to fulfill their oath of allegiance to the Constitution by refusing orders they believe to be illegal. Click here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. This really is not an appropriate topic for the issue at hand which is the unconstitutional imposing of any direct income tax on the citizens of the United States.

2. Lt. Watada should have thought of that before he voluntarily signed away his rights to the US military.

3. George Washington gave orders for all deserters to be executed when the few troups that he had started to desert his command. And I believe a few of them were executed. Maybe Lt. Watada should consider himself lucky.

4. The war is not illegal. What a blessing Pearl Harbor was, without it we probably would never have opposed Hitler either. Maybe that was conspiracy too! We lost tens of thousands of troops in WW II in one battle. What would you anti-war people have said then?

5. If Jimmy Carter had done his job as President in the first place, radical Islam probably would not be the issue that it is today. Now we are also going to have to clean up Hugo Chavez at some point because Mr. Carter certified his corrupt election.

6. Yes there was a direct link between radical Islam and Sadaam Hussein not to mention that he was in violation of 14 UN resolutions. That link was very obvious to me long before it was a controversy. I for one am glad that SOB was hanging from the rafters.

7. I thought Aaron Russo's movie was very well done and very intriguing. I especially liked the pizza order scene. I work in Corporate IT and that is a very realistic possibility. I would recommend more people watch it.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Defend the constitution not to blindly follow the government the way stupid americans do when they file for income taxes every year.
It is very Appropriate to point out where government is out of control.

5:20 PM  

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