Friday, February 23, 2007

Message from Ed

Something very important is going on here.
Sure it starts with my tax case but let's look at the big picture here.
I am providing a place for us to make a difference, for the people, for this country!

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Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

While this is an excellent opportunity to make a stand and have a citizen's show of force, there are problems I fear won't be overcome.

If you knew what day the feds would come, I'm confident we could amass 10,000 or more people to stand with you. But we don't know, and the feds know that. 10,000 people can't come and just camp out for the duration, knowing it could happen on the first day or the 30th day. People unaccustomed to the cold don't have the gear nor the stomach to brave the weather in a camp-out mode, and people have lives to live and jobs to keep.

Even if 10,000 could be amassed tomorrow, after a week most would be gone because they simply could not stay and lose their jobs. The Feds can wait till everything has subsided, the crowds have dissipated and they can strike at will, with an hour's notice and little preparation.

The people cannot match that flexibility, I fear, unless 10,000 retirees could come and not be concerned with providing for their families.

Maybe an alternative would be to amass the 10,000 (or more) on a predetermined date and hold a demonstration in front of Judge McAuliff's courthouse. Something like that could be done and coordinated, but there'd be the danger that the Feds would strike the day or night before.

The way they look at it is that they have the guns and the tanks and the tear gas and the radio-frequency crowd control technology, and therefore they don't need the law. It won't matter what they DO, what will matter is the way they will control the media and report it to the nation.

No matter what you do, no matter what WE do, no matter what actually HAPPENS, the outcome will be whatever it is REPORTED to have been.

It'll be like 9-11 and everything else. Even though 500 million people worldwide WATCHED three computer-controlled demolitions, those buildings fell in "pancake" fashion because they were hit by planes (two were anyway) and they had raging high-temperature inferno fires which MELTED the steel. That's what the History Channel and PBS showed the world in their computer-generated models.

We watched JFK, hundreds of times over 40-plus years, get shot in the head from the front, but the government report says Oswald shot him from behind (through a huge tree, I might add).

I'd love to see you get a re-trial and have you permitted to present a defense, but they cannot allow that to happen. Irwin Schiff had the most evidence ever assembled in one place, and they never let him present it to a jury, nor did they permit him to call expert witnesses. He will die in jail.

For years blacks have proclaimed that they'd rather die on their feet than live on their knees, and I'm of the same persuasion, as most of us who support you are. That you have assumed, and championed, that stance is no surprise and is commendable, though it will ultimately most likely cost you everything you and Elaine have accumulated in life. It doesn't matter if they have said in the past that you "owe" $20,000, they will take your home, your land, the clinic, your cars, and any other piece of real estate you have, then they will portray you as an armed and dangerous criminal who had to be eliminated for the common good.

Of course they'll sell everything of yours they confiscate and all the profit will go into their coffers so they can buy more rosewood and mahogony desks and more surveillance technology.

I admire you and pray for you, and wish I were in a position to come and stand with you to the death. Unfortunately I am an amputee, considerably older than you, and have a 90-year-old mother to look after by myself.

God bless you, my friend. You have my deepest respect and admiration. I pray it doesn't take your death to mobilize some serious opposition.

6:21 AM  
Blogger Joey Smith said...

10,000 he he he.

Ed is having trouble getting TEN.

One of the most amusing things about this case is the almost total lack of support that Ed has actually received. When he started, he thought that he would have thousands of people camped out on his lawn to protect him. But when he ended up with just a couple of hippies and gun nuts, reality sank in that except for "cyberspace chickenpatriots" nobody would be coming to help him.

It is also very amusing how none of the "big names" in the tax protstor movement have not shown up to support Ed and are keeping their distance. Why? They know he is a big-time nut.

Same for Ron Paul, etc., etc., etc.

Ed -- You really are alone. Very, very, very alone.

9:14 AM  
Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

Joey Smith said...
10,000 he he he.

Is "he he he" what you snicker under your breath as you snatch a 95-year-old great-grandmother out of her Buick Park Avenye and handcuff her so you can take the car because your computer says she owes $178?

You must really be proud of what you do....he he he.

10:40 AM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Joey wouldn't care if it said she owed a lousy friggan Dollar...

He's just a Finger Pointer. That's all. Joey wouldn't have the Balls to face that 95 year old Woman, and Cuff Her in Person, any more than He has the Balls to face Ed and the American People on an Open Audio Blog.

"No Fortitude Joey" That's his new Nickname.

Because Joey knows there's no Evidence to back the Conviction of a Perverbial 95 year old Woman, Much less Ed and Elaine Brown.

If there is Evidence, then Let it be shown in a Court of Law.

Oh... They won't let us see the Law, or use the Law in our Defense?
The Judge will not allow the Statutes of the Law themselves as Evidence in the Defense of a Man or Woman?
They are trying to Convict You on Statutory Law right?
Then why won't they show You the very Statutes of Law they are Convicting You of Breaking?

This has to do with the Outright, Direct, Deliberate, and intentional Misuse of Judicial Power and Authority, and sheer denial of ALL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS given the Browns.

This is no longer a TAX "DISPUTE"... It is of Most Importance to the Browns, that People know the System itself has failed them, and in essence has failed us all.

To Hell with the Tax issue at the Moment... It can be addressed after We address the fact that the Trial of Ed and Elaine Brown, was a Trial set upon a Stage, with a Pre-Determined Outcome... And Denied the Jury, and the Browns, any Evidence to back their Conviction of these People, and any Evidence for their Defense.

This is what Ed is more concerned with. His Trial Couldn't have been Coreographed better by a HollyWood Film Director.

If Every One of Us could walk around... Point a finger at our Neighbors... And Charge, Try and Convict Them... Without Providing a Jury with Evidence to Prove Our Neighbor Even Committed a Crime... And without ever even showing up to Court!... What Kind of Country Would We Live In!? Would You want to Live in a World so Designed?

It is exactly what is happening to this Country.

9:33 PM  

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