Friday, February 23, 2007

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"We are fully aware of title 26, and the 16th amendment. We ask for anyone to show us the specific law that obligates my wife and/or me to contribute into the Internal Revenue coffers."



Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

Definition of "INCOME" by the Supreme Court

Go to this website:

Irwin Schiff - Federal Mafia

and look in the left hand column for "DOWNLOAD" the Federal Mafia in PDF format. It is a 31 MB file, and I downloaded it to my took about 6 minutes. I tried to copy the pertinent part (definition of INCOME), but the technique I have always used for copying text and images from PDF files simply doesn't work on this file. It may be that Irwin set it up that way to protect his copyright, not expecting at the time that he would later make it available free on the Internet.

Download the file (the whole book) and then open the file and go to page 43 and 44 where you will find a discussion of "The Income Tax Law Does Not Even Define What It Purports to Tax" which points out the court cases and puts them into context so there can be no misunderstanding of the definition of INCOME. All that said, the IRS, the DOJ and the courts DISREGARD all of that and put you in jail ANYWAY.

What is really worthwhile is to scroll down the page at the site above to where it says READ THESE 12 PAGES and click on that and read the 12 pages. There you see what Schiff filed with the court. His perfectly clear presentation was "refuted" by the government with a single word....FRIVOLOUS.

Schiff is right. It is, INDEED, a federal mafia.

7:45 AM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

Here you will find links to some of the many detailed books about what is taxed, who is taxed and where to get more info.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Joey Smith said...

Irwin Schiff is in jail (he will die there, totally forgotten by the tax protestor movement just like Phil Marsh was before him), and nobody who matters believes that tax protestor theories are any more than just a bunch of hoooooey.

9:15 AM  
Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

Joey Smith said...

"...and nobody who matters believes..."

And there you have it, folks. There you have the attitude of your federal bureaucrats who profess to "serve" the public....

10:45 AM  
Blogger Joey Smith said...

I don't work for the government, Fred, that is only something that you ass-u-me.

11:28 AM  
Blogger here2daygonetomorrow said...

I submit from this point on that no one even gives little joey the satisfaction of a reply to his ramblings. It evidently just feeds his need to feel self important. That's just the way it is when you're 15 years old. This will be my last reply to little joey. I hope the rest will follow suit. Let little joey post to his hearts content, but without acknowledgement that he even exists. (We would love to hear you being interviewed even though you would probably need consent from your mommy first) Bye little joey...

12:58 PM  

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