Thursday, February 22, 2007

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KOSMIC said...

Joey Smith was born in February under the sign of pisces. She has always been psychic but began her professional career about 25 years ago. When she was young she actually learned to develop her abilities when trying to close off her "second sight". She accepted the responsibility of a reader when she discovered that her ability could be used to help people find the law requiring people to pay income tax. For several years she worked at the Psychic Science Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

Joey has become known on a national basis for her health readings and her past, present, and future life readings. She has worked on research projects with the Association of Research Excuses (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, Va. She is the original founder and fascillator of a professional psychic support group in Columbus, Ohio which was founded to help promote income tax compliance. In addition to her counseling services she has taught classes on psychic awareness for several years.

Joey provides readings out of her home office in Hilliard, Ohio. Readings are provided in person or by phone. Joey is also available for group parties and lectures. To schedule any of her services, you may reach Joey

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