Saturday, February 17, 2007

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does numerology damage the credibility of the quest for a fair trial? Yep. So does "secret" ways to get what you want without God. Our enemy uses the secret ways. Those who would destroy our nation are using the secret ways. Let the booksellers and self promoters advertise elsewhere. But this is not my blog, just my opinion. I think Ed made a good point about credibility and practical focus without using the words.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second that

11:02 PM  
Blogger "Show Me The Law" said...

Ed & Elaine are monument to what our founding fathers meant when they created the Constitution. They put a face to what the creators of the Constitution meant by "We the People". It's truly amazing that so many choose to ignore what is happening to our country. My husband says to me why do you waste your time with all these things, He Said even if I want to believe in half of what you claim; you know there's nothing any of us can do! Being an optimist I believe we can if we stand together. I told him; look at what they did to the Jews; I don't want to be a sheep lead to slaughter, to go willingly without a dang good fight.

Our leaders are allowing Illegal immigrants into our Country for several reasons, not the least of which is it gives them power. The more people they can get to be dependent on the government the more powerful they become. The real sad part is that within the next ten or fifteen years we the people will become the minority. Who will fight for our rights then? Their own country wasn't worth the effort to fight for, why would they fight here?

Pres. Bush has given 7000 Iraqi's visas to America.... So now we will be importing the Shiites and Sunnis so they can bring their fight here on our land.

Don't misunderstand me... I have nothing against legal immigrants.... after all they helped build our Great Nation we have today... the immigrants brought their cultures, most for the betterment of man kind... But its got to make you wonder what culture Islam has to offer other than a fanatical religion and war. We have to start looking at the broader picture Folks.. The excuse of not having enough time is over, because if you don't start seeing things for what they truly are it will be too late, for us, our children, and grandchildren...


8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Show me the law's post is getting old.
Try writing something different...okay?

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Ed I say that my husband and I are among the 2,000 people who understand what you just said and believe as you do. You have spoken truth. Had I been the moderator of this forum, I would have said, "Ed, you are right..about how and when this country began to fall apart.." I want to come to stand with you; but since I am the only one to keep my small grandchild and have no decent transportation, I can't right now.
I just want you to know that there are some folks out here who truly care about you and believe in you and find you totally CREDIBLE.
I pray that God will send some good people to stand with you who will lift your spirits up..who will comfort you.
The sham trials and kangaroo courts are, indeed, a fact of life. I have seen the full brunt of it acted out upon a dear friend of mine.
To Doug: Ed is right about everything he said. Read Thomas DiLorenzo, Lerone Bennett, Frank Connor and you will understand what he was saying.
Yes, everybody has an agenda. So do I...but, right now, what is happening to Ed should come first.
And before anyone writes him off as "way out there" he should educate himself on just how America was lost.
I do believe, Ed and Doug, that there is hope. Let's hope that within the next 24 hours, many more thousands of patriots will come to their senses...about the meaning of true Christianity and the act upon their true beliefs.
God bless you, Ed.

Jean Allen
Tuscaloosa, Al.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure that Ed is a big hero to all the dysfunctional wackos out there.

You don't see anybody respectable or successful supporting him, though. Just a couple of hippies and bubba gun nuts, and then a bunch of chickenpatriots over the internet.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to this blogger who says nobody successful or respectable is supporting Ed: I am a retired law enforcement officer. I have never been arrested. I have ONE traffic ticket for going five miles over the limit over 30 years ago in Enterprise, Al.
My husband and I both have M.A. degrees. He's a retired teacher. I could list some of our accomplishments but won't since this blog isn't about us. It's about Ed.
There are some mean and shallow people who would denigrate the Browns and anyone who would support them. Those people aren't interested in the Truth. They can't handle it.

Jean Allen
Tuscaloosa, Al.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont feel so down Ed! It was a bad weeked for travel in the northeast up there! hence, no visitors.(I was gonna drop in)..but I had a bad driving adventure in the pennsylvania snow disaster on wed thru sat and ended up with no time to (drop by)

As for numerology....I totally agree with you Ed!

(although there is evidence that) illuminati/freemason/astrologylovin/skullandbone/childmolesting/bohemianfagrove bastards ....actually use that crap themselves!....
[very scary!]
...... it has (almost nothing) to do with yours/ours/american peoples situation.

As for people with their own agenda...

...yep,even you Ed. ..we all have our own agenda....(in a good way I must say!)...typical Americans just like our founding forefathers..but thats ok.

The time will come, one fine day slowly, when all that care will see the gun of oppresion pointed in our direction and we will unite!

It will be ... us

us = any American who does not operate under "corporate privelege" ...and knows what the constitution MEANS...

them = Any "american?" or "corporate entity" who thinks that "earning money" to keep yourself and family fed comfortable and educated anything less than a god given RIGHT!

6:50 PM  

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