Friday, February 02, 2007

Truck Driver Randy From Michigan Audioblog Report

I had posted that I was going to try to do a conference bridge call with Ed Brown today at 1:00 PM ET. Fred Smart called me and says scrap the conference bridge call because Ed Brown is going to start doing a 1:00 PM show on RBN Live. Fred says make a post and tell everybody that they can call in and talk to Ed Brown every day on his RBN Live radio show. So I go in and start to make a post that Ed Brown will be doing a 1:00 PM show on RBN Live and I check the RBN Live home page,, and I see this message...

John Stadtmiller terrorizes RBN workers - (Menaces workers with firearm at staff meeting, and threatens to send police to workers' home)

(Updated: 02/01/2007 03:15:00) Former RBN Webmaster/Program Director Danny Romero weighs in on the recent events at RBN: (as posted on

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 2:27 am Subject: What Really Happened At RBN

I had the opportunity to hear a recording of John Stadtmiller's explanation of what he thinks happened at RBN last weekend. My congratulations to who ever pranked John with their so called “inside information”. There was no big conspiracy to bring down RBN from the inside, as John stated on his show on Monday. Here’s what really happened, and I should know because I was there; there are many people who can back this up.

There's a lot more to the story and it was all posted at Then I remembered that Fred told me that Ed's show was going to be at 1:00 PM Central Time so I figured that I could still get him on my conference bridge at 1:00 PM Eastern Time because that would still only be 12:00 noon central time.

So I got on the conference bridge at 1:00 PM Eastern time and waited to see if anybody was going to join the call. Truck Driver Randy from Michigan joined the call. I started the recorder and Randy brought on Ed Brown. Ed says he can only talk for a minute because he's got a 1:00 PM ET show with Desert Owl or Desert Fox or somebody.

So Ed talked to us for about 60 seconds right at the begining of the audio below and then it was mostly all Randy and a little bit of me for the remaining 30 minutes of the audioblog. Listen to audio recording of the call below..... - dk

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UPDATE: Now it seems that the RBN Live website has gone down altogether.

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