Friday, February 02, 2007

Get Off The Globalization Grid

Nancy Levant
August 23, 2005

Have you ever wondered why our nation is insanely bankrupt when supposedly genius economists have been in charge of our economy for a century or two? Whole teams of Ivy League aristocrats and their political buddies who are responsible for economic policies, and who have managed to collapse the most successful nations in the world? Well, the answer is quite clear ā€“ all governance is changing into their hands and their desired system of economic siphoning. American people must understand that this is not an American phenomenon but a global initiative. And these global initiatives are very specific:

No private ownership of property

No private ownership of water including wells

No mass mobility rights

No private ownership of guns

No religion minus environmental sustainability or Gaia

No privacy rights

Mandatory military and/or volunteer service

No personal opinion

No rights, whatsoever, to disagree with government or to dissent

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