Friday, August 08, 2008

American Police State


If you visit this and other anti-status-quo establishment sites, have participated in any demonstration, have sent a protest letter, have written, been in a video or stood up publicly expressing support for freedom or the Constitution, you and your family members have been moved from the FBI's "blue list" to the Homeland Security's "red list."

In addition, DNA samples have already been covertly obtained from you and each of your family members and added to the National DNA Database (NDD).
They have your fingerprints, a strand of your hair and blood samples.
Your house, car and place of business have been bugged.
Satellite surveillance constantly track your every move through the use of multiple implants inserted without your consent or knowledge.

Please understand that there is no need to stop your resistance activities at this point, it is too late. You have already been entered. However, you are always free to do so and it might help knock off a decade of internment.

On the other-hand, since you really have nothing left to lose but more freedom it might be wise to step up your resistance activities. The above can only occur if the present trend and the structure of the existing government continue unstopped. The authoritarian, fascist, mercantile domination of the American government is a systemic problem and CANNOT be solved from within or using the existing form of government. The system must be overhauled completely with new safe guards installed immutably to guarantee personal liberties.

The following is proof of the utter impotence of the existing structure to guarantee liberty. ALL they do is register an IMPOTENT protest while allowing the vivisection of YOUR lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness.


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