Sunday, August 03, 2008

last email from elaine??

Keith wrote:

"i dont know if she'll have email access in the new facility, though its doubtful since they are probably transferring her to restrict everything more. thats why they transferred ed anyway. i have replied to her that we will keep ed and her informed of each others locations, but honestly day by day i grow more fearfull that even we wont know where they are soon....
ps remember the treatment they are receiving now is the same treatment the guys are soon to get...transfer, transfer, transfer until people forget or lose track of....

Elaine wrote:

I will write Ed about the POA, but I don't know if he will get the letter; it seems he gets very little if any of my mail.

I think the investigation re the notary may have added to the transfer issue, but we feel also that our filings have come to fruition. I'm certain I will go today, don't know where. I am afraid that with Ed not getting my mail, he will not get my letters from wherever I am going, his letters to me here will be returned to him, and he will have no way of knowing where I am, thus I will not get any of his letters either.

We are in God's hands; He will perform His miracles.



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