Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Granny Warriors: "Freeze Over!"

Freeze Over

Posted January 16th, 2008 by Granny Warrior over on

A nice lady from Pay Pal just called and let us know the freeze on our account has been lifted. Thank goodness as we were about to become homeless on the side of the

She looked at the account and all the information we have sent in and decided we are legit. Heck I have been telling them that for 48 hours.

The money for the recount was borrowed and is now paid and the recount is on. We only have to repay the loan which is easy now with the money free.

We are still a little behind as we have had other fees to pay such as the $2000 filing fee, $2,500 for Mr Howard to find a place to live for a while and the plane fare.

The chip in is working again and if we can make the goal of $25,000 we will pretty much have it covered.
Please chip in now and let us get all of this paid for and off our minds.

Again thank you all so much for caring and worrying about us, it makes us feel so special and more determined to get r dun.

Click here to read more and chip in to help finish off the funding for this nobel effort!

Linda Granny

Editor's Note: Please keep "chipping in" until we at least get to the $25K amount Linda et. al have asked for. Thanks in advance!



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