Monday, January 14, 2008

Letters From Ed and Elaine

December 27, 2007 AD

Dear [We The People]:

It’s always good to hear from you. I miss doing our daily show, and wish I could hear the calls that come in.

Ed is still in the Oklahoma Transfer Center, still in isolation, only allowed one 15 minute phone call a week, can only mail out one letter a week. He says he will be transferred in January to New Jersey. [Attorney A] and [Attorney B] say they have tried to phone Ed and have not been able to speak with him. [Attorney B] is a [description of his experience]. He [Attorney B] and his wife have been following our case and agree with us. He is interested in helping. That is the word I get from [Friend A], but I would not speak of him on the air without his ok.

[Friend A] has been so wonderful to us. We have met him only once, yet he works tirelessly for us. He is a true friend and patriot.

[Friend B] sent me a copy of the HB – quite impressive document. Who is Bob Graham? I he someone I should know of?

I have written to many about Ed’s inhumane treatment – 2 letters to Ron Paul. Also one to Katline Kenny, general counsel to the B.O.P.. Told her is anything at all happens to Ed, now or any time in the future that could possibly be caused by his treatment, that she and the director will be held personally responsible.

We both continue to get lots of mail, and much of it from first-time writers. It amazes me how many people are waking up; and I know we hear from only a few of them. Perhaps we have all made a difference,[Friend C]. I don’t know if the country can be salvaged, but if not, it won’t be from lack of trying.

Compared to Ed’s situation, I really can’t complain about my conditions. But it seems at times that the prison system and the staff are designed/trained to make life as difficult as possible. It is very frustrating trying to get anything done from in here, as we have to rely on those outside to do things, and it all takes so much time.

But I continue to pray to Yahweh for the strength and wisdom to do His will, and to protect Ed. A few weeks ago, I was sitting on my bunk reading, not thinking of anything in particular, when a voice in my head suddenly said “Ed is going to be alright.” It was such a shock to “hear” this, and a sense of peace has been with me since.

Yahweh will help us all – with so many praying, how can we lose? I look forward to the day we can all be together in freedom and light.

My love to all,


Editor's Note: This letter was postmarked Jan 02 and was received just last week. A letter from Ed postmarked Jan 03 will be posted soon.

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