Thursday, December 20, 2007

Liberty Dollar/Ed & Elaine Memorabilia FUND RAISER AUCTION!!!

You are bidding on the second piece of the Liberty Dollar Arrest Fund (LDAF) Private Collection to go on eBay. The collection consists of the 82 remaining Liberty Dollar pieces owned by Shaun and Svetlana Kranish – the last known arrestees of the Liberty Dollar. Shaun and Svetlana were arrested in May of this year, in Walworth, WI, for offering a solid silver Liberty medallion at an outdoor ice cream shop. According to Bernard von NotHaus, this was only the fourth time in the nearly 10-year history of the Liberty Dollar that a user/owner was arrested. Shaun and Lana are also friends of Ed & Elaine of the family Brown, the well-known and well-respected members of the tax honesty movement who recently went to federal prison for refusing to pay income taxes. Shaun is the close friend of Ed & Elaine who the feds tragically used without his knowledge to introduce to Ed & Elaine the infiltrator who lead to their kidnapping. This auction includes memorabilia from their home, and is part of an ongoing fundraiser for their legal defense. for more info.

Mr. and Mrs. Kranish still face ongoing legal proceedings as well. For more information on this, you can visit They have been working with Bernard on resolutions. Now, Bernard finds himself a victim of the government (or should we say bankers – I suppose the terms can be used interchangeably) and is likely to face criminal charges. As you probably know, the Liberty Dollar offices and warehouses were raided and all platinum, gold, silver, copper, and any other metals/materials, records, computers, you-name-it were taken by the so-called “authorities.” Despite running this honest business for nearly 10 years, the government waited until just recently to make its big move. This move also curiously came after Bernard and the Liberty Dollar sued the government for statements released about the Liberty Dollar.

The fact of the matter is that every American has been victimized by our dishonest monetary and banking system. The use of fiat currency – “money” created almost out of thin air – literally worth less than the paper on which it’s printed, has caused our dollar to lose nearly 97% of its buying power in the last 100 years. The trend is continuing, and even accelerating at this point. Each and every day, more “money,” in the form of digital ones and zeros mostly, is injected into our economy, causing the buying-power of the dollar to drop further, and bringing it closer and closer to extinction.

Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution for the United States of America:
“No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;”

Unfortunately for all of us, since we borrow our paper, fiat, scrip money from the private banking cartel – the Federal Reserve – we no longer own our wealth. The States have allowed the federal government to pass off its borrowed paper as payments for debts. We carry debt notes – IOUs – promissory notes – whatever you want to call them. We carry these instead of GOLD or SILVER certificates or coins that one can actually own. We’ve traded our national wealth of gold and silver for this paper – the bankers conned us out of our money!
These are some of the reasons the Liberty Dollar was founded, and some of the reasons why the Liberty Dollar will continue, no matter what actions the so-called government takes in opposition to the Constitution.

Included in this auction, LDAF private collection piece #3 of 82:
· One $1 denoted 2006 series Liberty Dollar silver certificate, G326896, #2(two) of 2(two)
· One “Fraudulent Event Note” from the home of Ed and Elaine of the family Brown, given to Shaun and Lana as a gift on July the Fourteenth, this year
· Certificate of Authenticity for both items, with the collection piece serial #2 of 82, silver certificate serial G326896, and 2(two) of 2(two) for the certificate as part of this collection
· Display certificate for both notes
· All enclosed in a high-quality metal display frame 8.5” x 11” with built-in stand for free-standing, also wall-mountable, soft velvet backing
· The satisfaction of helping good people and good causes while owning a piece of history

A limited number of the 82-piece LDAF Private Collection will be sold on eBay. This collection has been created to raise money for three parties: Mr. and Mrs. Kranish, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, and Mr. von NotHaus. A portion of the proceeds from this auction will go to each party for their respective legal defense against the bankers/government.
Shaun, Lana, and the others behind this collection are still working to help Ed & Elaine while they are in prison. They are working to raise money for ongoing legal defense, as well as money to help make Ed & Elaine comfortable while in prison. Elaine has also been using her very limited commissary money in prison to buy items for less fortunate inmates. At least one lawyer has been hired at this point to help Ed & Elaine. More legal work will be necessary to see that they get a fair trial and are released from prison.

Numbers in the collection:
· 82 total pieces in the collection – 1 Liberty Dollar medallion or silver certificate per collection piece – 82 total Liberty Dollar products.
· 7 total “Fraudulent Event Notes” from Ed & Elaine’s house. The 7 notes have been paired with 7 of the 82 collection pieces – 7 collection pieces feature a FEN from Ed & Elaine’s house.
· There are 5 silver certificates. Likewise, there are 77 silver medallions or rounds.
· THIS eBay auction features one of the 5 silver certificates. Only 3 more will be sold on eBay. This is 1 of only 3 framed silver certificates that will be sold on eBay.
· Only a portion of the 82 collection pieces will be featured on eBay. The rest will be sold to and held by other private collectors
Thanks for bidding. Bid high and often -- it's for a good cause! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. The quickest way for a response is to email your question(s) to Thanks!


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